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"To know more about femininity, one must interrogate their own experiences or turn to the poets."

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Hey Daddy! I'm FREAKY AF and i wanna make you cummm


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In the abstract I love to worship women but in reality I wholly appreciate anyone who appreciates me, hearts and wall love isn't required but like signing my yearbook on the last day of school it makes me feel super special. Much love everyone.






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This video is cool. Like Magnus Walker, Jimi Hendrix, Ryan Gosling in Drive type cool. The filter, the black guitar in the back, there's a really cool vibe here. It's really really sexy too. How your tiny, tight vagina devoured that thick dildo and the cum pushing back out at the end of the video... pushing back out because you're so tight that there was no where else for it to go... that is so hot. You got me hooked, I'm a customer for life.

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This video is soooo amazing. At most all that can be heard is water moving and some muffled laughter which def helps to focus more on the amazing butts, distracting sounds in adult content can be distracting. The one petite pale lady started the grabbing and smacking about a minute or two into the video and from that point on it's just trying hard not to cum to get through the whole video. Hope to see more like this.

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This video has some of the best splatter shots of cum I've ever seen. It's probably my favorite TexxxasBukkake video next to the Mandy Monroe one. I also love the personality this lady has. The laughing, the comments, the goofy faces she makes, it was all great and sexy and (though it may sound odd) engaging. Sometimes watching porn just feels boring but this woman makes watching porn and cumming to it fun.

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BEST IGNORE VIDEO EVER!... I like the freeuse genre but I love great freeuse porn. I love great porn period... I digress. What makes freeuse/ignore genre so amazing is that it subverts the male domination tone in porn because the woman is really in control. On the surface it looks as if the man is using her but in actuality it's the woman allowing the man to use her that makes us cum... Now onto this video in particular. First, Alexxis is so pretty. She's a blonde goddess with Disney princess eyes and with plump lips that are pouty in this video adding to the whole annoyed and ignore aspect. She's petite but thicc in all the right places, a black man's dream lol. Her butt is nice and plump. Alexxis nails the all the facial expressions of someone who is annoyed and ignoring the person trying to fuck them. There is sexy then there is the nuances of sexy and Alexxis body position, movements, facial expressions and even her tone when she talks in this video is filled with nuance and amazingly sexy. There are times when she looks at the male which is counter to the ignoring fetish but I think her looking at him is a factor of her having to turn her head to blow him and it's just physically impossible to continue watching her TV show while turning her head 90 degrees to blow him, but her determination to turn her head back or keep her eyes on the TV is unspeakably sexy. This is one of my favorite videos of all time and I hope that Alexxis decides to make more.

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Nice riding, and very sexy when you got up on your toes and started riding.

●●●●● Read Review

6 1/2 minute mark... I dare you to find riding better than that. Damn.

●●●●● Read Review

I have been hoping for years that talking while sucking dick, with the dick in the mouth, would become a trend in porn. To see a beautiful woman, such as Bettie, just casually suck a dick... as casually as she just walks around and plans dinner is probably the best thing I’ve seen on this site and to hear her try to talk with a full mouth completely melted me. I hope more videos with this dynamic are coming in the future.

●●●●● Read Review

Sometimes less is more... Sometimes all you need is a beautiful woman, spread open, no music and just the sound of her pussy gripping a dildo that's slamming into her and gushing out cum and squirt. This is what this video is. It's simply sexy, I dare any man to try and hold his load when she squirts while slamming the dildo in her or when she moves the dildo left or right to reveal her gorgeous face. This video is one of the hottest I have ever seen... Anyone reading, take a tip... Sometimes you don't need music or a script or dirty talk... Sometimes the breathing, panting and moaning and sounds of a wet pussy are the sexiest sounds that can be in a video.

I was so horny while filming this. I’m glad I was able to capture the emotion I was feeling.

●●●●● Read Review

LOVE the dick pounding the squirt out and just letting in plop right on the carpet. This is savagely sexy. Animalistic! The fact that she's already "bred" makes it all the better.

●●●●● Read Review

I love the euphemisms in this video. Bread basket, sausage... Porn language is so formulaic it can be numbing to hear the same words over and over again. So the playful way yall addressed the private parts is sexy in this video and also adds to the continuity of the fantasy/cosplay here. This is my first time seeing Eva, may the God's bless that woman because she is carrying two planets on her chest. Those are the largest, sexiest natural breast I have ever seen, it only seems right that you ended up cumming on them. It was also nice to see two angles of the cumshot.

Thank you so much for your excellent review!  Before the scene I just went through the basic story line with Eva, and then we just totally improvised everything.  She has always been a FANTASTIC performer!  All my scenes with her are top notch performances.

●●●●● Read Review

You'd be hard pressed to find a better ass on a woman... But I would bet money that you couldn't find a video with better close up ass shots (of a perfect ass) in it, unless maybe you found another Lorena Brink video in which she sits down right in front of the camera. This is best of the best type stuff here.

●●●●● Read Review

So the guy in this video is REALLY excited to be with Jada... And real talk... I'd be just as excited. Lol. This is a really good video, there are more edits than in most average scenes but this feels like a combination of 3 major scenes, especially since he came twice (you lucky dog), the edits/cuts are done with professional quality, there is no jarring edits no jump cuts, they are all smooth transistions. The resolution is very good, atleast 1080P but looks as good as 4k even when the lighting sometimes dimmed and the ability to hold the camera that steady while fucking her is impressive. A bit of constructive critiscm... Jada is obviously more than the sum of her parts but she has some of the best "parts" in all of porn, I would like to have seen most of her frame captured in the camera during the majority of fucking as opposed to the majority of the time the camera focusing on her ass or face, no disrespect tho I def appreciate you making and selling this. But the video as a whole is without a doubt a 5 star video, Idk how you got her to squirt, I have never seen her do that in porn, and I have no idea how you got her up to your room but please work your magic again. I'd gladly shell over my hard earned money to watch her do everything she did to you in this video, again.

●●●●● Read Review

What a sight it is to see you on all fours, skirt slightly pulled up to reveal your plump pussy lips and plump ass. The taboo fantasy is done very well, acted out perfectly. It makes suspending belief and becoming mentally involved in the video very easy which makes cumming to this video a blast. Literally ;-). Another mom hit by Bettie Bondage.

●●●●● Read Review

I like how professional you are with the ladies. I like the insight you give in this BTS scene, it's nice to see a different view of porn. Kelsi seems super cool and fun to be around in this video, it's nice to see happy, chill and genuine porn. Also... Her twerking at the end... No words.

Thank you so much for your excellent review and kind words. You've made me feel great in that I've accomplished what I set out to do in my BTS scenes. Thanks for your support!

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I don't even have the words to review this video. There is something primitive about breeding, something Carl Jung'ish like in nature, dualistic, when we allow this animal side to come out in us and want to either be bred or do the breeding. I have never seen a better solo breeding video, if I tried I couldn't come up with a way to make this video better and def could not find better words than the ones Lorena used in this video... She actually said "Concentrate on your skin and how the cream of my pussy is tugging on it, teasing it" and "Do you feel that wall? That's my cervix!"... Dirty talk can not get better than that. This is a easy 5 star, download and stored on my laptop in my favorites folder. Thank you Lorena for making porn great and greater and greater everytime you do grace the camera with your presence.

●●●●● Read Review

Ashley, please make more like this. Contrary to the claim that no one wants to see how the sausage is made, I really like seeing the behind the scenes and what would typically be off camera stuff. It is amazingly hot watching you in this video concentrate on learning this machine while watching it shove the dildo into your mouth and watching you just obediently take it with a indifferent vibe, just continuing to let it pummel your mouth. Thank you for making this video, I hope there are more products you buy and try out and give us a sneak peak into you using them.

●●●●● Read Review

I mean... What can I say that isn't already said in the other reviews. Forgive me for not being able to wax poetically about your dangling breast revealing themselves slightly and perfectly, or your perfect ass busting out almost through my laptop screen into my face. Wow. 5 stars no doubt.

Marissa Sweet Jan 13 2018

Aww, thank you, I loved this review! :)<3

●●●●● Read Review

Dope dope dope dope dope! I love seeing brothers slay white girls especially pretty white girls that can slay right back like this one can. Cant wait to see what you bring to the site in the future.

●●●●● Read Review

Another homerun taboo/milf video by the lovely Lady Fyre. I love how it starts out and how the video progresses to the sex instead of just being about only the sex, the peeping/voyeuristic POV camera work really adds to the Taboo fantasy and makes this video great.

●●●●● Read Review

I regret not buying this sooner. Words can’t describe how mind blowing sexy this is. Just buy it.

●●●●● Read Review

Someone get this woman a goddamn Oscar! Christ this is great!

●●●●● Read Review

I've watched porn for the last ten years. I don't think I've seen anything as high quality as this and as good as this. Talk about blending the sacred and the profane. I love this video.

thank you so much, we're so pleased you love it!

Fuck a Fan POV Aug 31 2017
●●●●● Read Review

This is the closest I've ever come to fucking any of the women I've jerked off too. I also loved the camera pov, your b-hole is a sight to behold.

●●●●● Read Review

I couldn't help cumming inside you either. :-)... You're vulva is so beautiful. It opens up like petals on a flower.

Butt Stuff Aug 30 2017
●●●●● Read Review

This is the first video I've watched of yours and I'm hooked. You look like a girlfriend, wife and goddess all in one in this video. Watching you in the missionary POV position, your rosy cheeks, those glasses, cute bangs and then the pièce de résistance you're amazing thick body. Though I wish there was a little more continuity between edits and the video was in HD or 4K I can appreciate the work in this video knowing how difficult it is to film and perform. There's no way those two requests would have prevented me from giving this video anything less than 5 stars. I download my favorite purchased videos and store them and this one def got downloaded and stored.

●●●●● Read Review

The whole third act, watching you from the back clean up and the moments when you looked back and flexed your ass cheeks popping them up and down is so insanely sexy. I was never into exhibitionism, I actually bought this video just because of the screen shot of you great ass and thought it would be a ass worship video. But I was excited all throughout the video and now I am into exhibitionism. So thanks for introducing me to a whole new world of arousal.

Marissa Sweet Aug 24 2017

This is such an amazing compliment I cannot thank you enough! ***O.O

●●●●● Read Review

It's videos such as this that shows the greatness of Lorena. How does one make the corner of a washer machine sexy and one of the best videos on MV?... Watch this and thou shall see. Seriously, this video deconstructed wouldn't sound sexy, it might sound like a sexy movie scene trope in which a women sits on a washing machine. But only the amazingly creative mind of a Lorena can, through her skills, natural gifts, and never thought of camera angles make good into great and simplistic into sexy. I could write a thesis on this video, it's truly that amazing. Thank you Lorena.

●●●●● Read Review

Original, creative, and excellently executed. I wasn't even expecting a cumshot at the end, so it was just the icing on the amazing cake (pun intended).

●●●●● Read Review

I cant even begin to articulate how amazing this video is. It's not only one of the best videos I've seen on this site but one of the best videos I ever watched.

ZiaFox Aug 4 2017

Omg this review makes me feel so confident and amazing!! Thank you so so much and SO happy you loved it!!! 💛💛💛

How Deep Is It Jul 28 2017
●●●●● Read Review

I like how you squatted while taking it. So sexy. There are so many men with 7 inch plus dicks who probably want to rail you after seeing this. Lol.

●●●●● Read Review

Beautiful reveal at the 00:56 minute mark, I like how you opened your legs and closed them by letting them fall together back down to the sheets. Hats off to your twerking/riding skills I don't know if you are super flexible but it sure did look like it in this video, you look like you may have done some gymnastics or cheerleading in the past. I think this video should also have a "hair" or "hair fetish" tag. I was just as impressed with the front view of your riding (seeing your cute face and God crafted breast) as I was with the rear view. You're gorgeous pale skin contrasting with your very lovely, curly, long, jet black hair swinging left and right across your back only a few inches away from your PAWG ass... This is a pretty good video, I hope to find more of the things I like in this video in your other videos.

●●●●● Read Review

01:50 to 02:10 is HEAVEN. Just fyi I'd probably marry you from this video alone. Lol. I also loved how you pulled up your legs and put your little cute feet together while deepthroating the dildo at the end. I liked the whole thing.

tosies Jul 21 2017
●●●●● Read Review

It goes without saying you have cute feet, but I also noticed you have a sexy decent length tongue... I'm into long tongues and I'm feeling your tongue work in this video.

●●●●● Read Review

Such a simple camera angle yet a amazing view. This could also classify as a ass worship video cause all I wanted to do was hug and worship your ass while watching this.

●●●●● Read Review

I can't find the words. If this video cost triple the price she's asking for it would be worth every penny.

●●●●● Read Review

This is the closest I'll ever get to your amazing breasts and I was loving every second of it. I also like how it was just breast, at first out of focus then brought into focus, no talking or anything but just breast. Wish I was there or they was here lol.

●●●●● Read Review

I think the sexiest thing I've ever seen is a woman take her pants off... But not like disingenuously all porn like with slow faux sexiness or forced excitement but just like you did in this video... Seriously this is probably the sexiest thing I've seen in a long long time. Please show us pulling/taking down/off your pants in future videos.

●●●●● Read Review

I never watched a porno and thought about kissing and licking the neck of the woman in the film... That's all I could think about watching this. Again Lorena's creativity shines in showing a camera angle rarely if ever shown in porn. Most porn focuses on genitals or butt's or face's, so much of the beautiful body goes unnoticed because very little attention is paid to it from the person filming. But this video should be porn 101 to teach the mainstream porn producers that other angles, and other parts of the body can be just as sexy as genitals, butts and faces.

Standing Orgasm Jun 30 2017
●●●●● Read Review

You seriously look like someone worthy of worship in this video. Like a demigod.

Soggy Goodness Jun 30 2017
●●●●● Read Review

Id climb a mountain for those panties. ;-). The constant view of underboob is really good in this video. Of course it helps that you have perfect breast.

●●●●● Read Review

Pretty cool plot, original idea too and your sexy accent along with speaking Dutch is the cherry on top.

Orgasm Marathon Jun 29 2017
●●●●● Read Review

About a quarter of the way into the video you allow your breast to slide out of your shirt ever so slightly before taking your bra off... so hot... As I said before in your other reviews, its the nuances of sex and sexy that you nail.

●●●●● Read Review

Your lighting technique is amazing... Even in the dark your little fine hairs on your body shows clearly and it's very authentic and hot.

●●●●● Read Review

I don't have the words to explain how much I like it so I won't even try. Thank you so much for making this and THANK YOU so much for the moment at the end when you stopped right before you walked out of the view of the camera and gave a little scoff... I melted when you did that.

●●●●● Read Review

I love your top in this video and how you're busting out of it. Great close up of your face and transitions from that view to your whole body. I'm guessing this was gym theme'd because of the kettlebells which further aroused me because I imagined you with sweaty feet.

●●●●● Read Review

Super cute panties! I like the shiny spitty breast at the end... Liked them a lot.