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magicman007 Jan 24 2017

I would like to do business with you and would like some of your ladies to do some custom videos for me and or requests on your site. please email me dhort33@yahoo.com

magicman007 Jan 5 2017

Hi there, and happy new year. I saw your website last month and love it. i would like to inquire about some custom videos I'd like for your gorgeous XL asian models to do for me. I'd love to get more information from you so can you please email me back at dhort33@yahoo.com thank you


Adorer of big, beautiful women and chubby chaser with a camera. I'm located in Thailand, and as you can imagine, in a nation full of skinny Asians, it is a never-ending search to find Thai BBWs and chubby girls, let alone girls who will make a video! It's a tough gig, but someone has to do it. ;-) I hope you enjoy the content here, it's a lot of fun to make and the girls are absolute sweethearts, every one of them. Cheers!

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