Alex and Jay

Alex and Jay

Alex and Jay

Joined December 2016

Ooo i miss you guys hope you come back to streaming again  :""<

darn i hope yall are not done making content! :(

Celtik Apr 17

Please do more edging blowjob videos, they are amazing! Would love to see you get him to the edge as quick as you can and then keep stopping over and over.

Can you do girl on girl customs?

Can you please dm me about private pics

hey, did you guys retire?  It was just getting hot.

Mystic_X Oct 30

Hi, would like to buy a custom b/g vid. Would it be possible to PM me or email to discuss script? manyvids won't let me send a PM unless you send 1st. thanks!

Hi Alex, do any of your videos have you and Bonnie getting tittyfucked?  If not it would be wonderful if you did.  Saw you do that in a show once and it was the hottest thing ever. :)

Sondervotum deleted Oct 14

more videos with your hot guy!! show more of him.

Celtik Oct 3

Hey! Love your work. Do you offer custom videos?

I'm loving what's going on here.

Would you do skype shows


Do you sell your used toys

Love it! Would love to buy your worn panties,

Those BJ vids are killer. If you can throw in more views of your beautiful legs and feet in the background with some pantyhose for good measure'll rule the planet. Cheers.

More licking edge videos. More intensity and speed.

cubesnake May 6 2017

Hello, first time here and already got all your vids (3) guess i´m hooked lol You guys are amazing

Alex and Jay May 25 2017

Ah that's great to hear Cubesnake 😘 Thanks for the positive feedback 😬 Xx

clubfreund Apr 14 2017

Hey Alex and Jay :) Can You please make more of these fantastic tongue piercing sensual blowjob vids ? I would buy them all ;)

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Full-time student, part-time cam model. I love reading, sketching, animals, good food and anything outdoorsy. oh - and sex. obviously ;)