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Jas StrongXXX

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Jas StrongXXX

Jas StrongXXX

Sydney Australia Joined January 2017

Thanks babe you too

matgilet Dec 20

hello, do you produce customs if paid in advance? Thanks.

Yeah what do you have in mind what video you like to see and yeah you could pay in advance if you like

Jockboydex Jul 8 2017

Do you create custom movies?  How much?

Jas StrongXXX Jul 9 2017

Yeah I do custom movies with cost it's depends on how long or short the movie go's for if its 20 or 25 minutes  maybe $20 or $25 if it short only a few dollars.. What have you got in mind a solo or boy/ girl scene

Jockboydex Jul 10 2017

Boy/girl - she gives u a handjob making u cum on your chest/abs - then rubs it in focusing on your sexy pecs and nips

Jas StrongXXX Jul 12 2017

Cool I see I could organize something for you

Jockboydex Jul 13 2017

Cool!  How does that work?  I can't wait to buy the final edit!

Jas StrongXXX Jul 18 2017

Well I have a few girls in mind just need find a place and a time to make it happen

BigClit_McGee May 10 2017

She has a very nice chest

Bordan Apr 16 2017

Been a fan of you for so long! Will you ever upload a solo on here? Would love to buy!

Jas StrongXXX May 9 2017

Hi bayley thank you for being a fan! Yeah I could work on a solo scene for you! Do you have anything in mind for me to do?

Bordan May 9 2017

Hmmm, well you could start off soft and then get hard and show off you body from lot's of different angles, some close ups of your beautiful hard penis, use lube so it glistens like the dew in the morn lol. And end it with a nice cumshot where we can see your handsome face too. That's pretty much my perfect scenario of it.

I can't wait to buy the finished product, liked you for so long

Jas StrongXXX May 15 2017

Thanks man I will work on that for you I have a few contents in the works atm but hoping they all come out very very soon but the solo scene I'll will work on that for you and thanks again of being a fan of my work... Jas strong 😊😊

Bordan Aug 23

So how's it going lol  ;)

KimVanDyke Jan 11 2017


KimVanDyke Jan 11 2017

what a body

Jas StrongXXX Jan 16 2017

Thank you Kim you have a nice body too

Heartflygirl2012 deleted Jan 10 2017

Love your profile sweets!! <3:x:@

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Thank you for checking my page out my name is Jas Strong i am a Australian porn Star and Topless Waiter and a Escort and I do web camming sometimes

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