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Luna Aquelarre

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***Hi Luna!*** Just stopping by your profile to give you some love and to thank you for hearting my profile!<3

Please message me regarding skype show

PLEASE LEAVE A MESSAGE To get the photo. If not I can't send you the  sweet tooth contest photo !

Fantastic woman in so many ways!

:@ You deserve to kow how that many ways ^^

I'm not only into matures sweety <3 you are very hot! <3

:@ and playfull

Going to visit some relatives that live in the countriside... I think I´ll have to shoot a video hidden ins some beauty place brefore the tourism arrives... What toys shoud I carry?

Left you some love! ❤❤❤

what does aquelarre means? if it does mean something

Wiches party. Despite is unlikely that many of the poor womas burned in the spanish Inquisition dance naked in the forest and arganize orgys ... I feel I have to do so to celebrate my freedom  and clame back the rigth to enjoy my body as I want. Womans do not have enough good and the is still a stigma and and we are still divided in good decent woman and bad ones. I am not bad, I am just more playfull than the average. Is more fun to be mischevous.
I also enjoy walk alone in nature since a kid, recognice some medicinal plants, read books and that little details that would have myself killed 2 centuries ago.

*enough good porn for example

Mmm your delicious id lick you everywhere baby! 😍😋😜😏

And you don´t know me yet :yesbaby-6: hahaha ;)

Lets make easier the free deal:

FREE DEAL :Get+1months uncensored Luna SNAP giving me your FREE vote 4 days. (More time if you tip the full team ;);)

CONTINENTAL BABES Cream Team contest deals:
Our 3 vip snapchats for a month: 30$ Tip LittleIslandFlower or MyStacySweet for this deal.

My special deals
75$ =On thong send to you+ sing+ 3 any vids
30$= 15 min. skype
20=15 min. snapchat call
10= anysolo vid

FREE DEAL :Get+1months uncensored Luna SNAP giving me your FREE vote 8 days. (More time if you tip the full team ;););))

estas para comerte enterita =P

^.^ Lets see in the next contest, I hope more people think like you.

A new contest! Trio one... I feel far awy of most of the girl. But internet is magic, lest see if can coperate with more girls!

Giorock99 deleted Apr 20

I would love a custom clip from you

Wake up a noisy Monday and see a Many Vids mesage "Congrats you have sold" watever is a nergy bust. When the noise stops at home -holly week procesins/walks + construction work in my building- I can make more videos. Wait a second? It is not a perfect moment for practising spanking?

I was doing a couple of feet fetiche videos yesterday, and today the Mvids. Blog daile just have an article about feet fetiche. Ummmm I only had edited one, but  I´m going to upload it straight away, while it is trending topic.

I made me a self birthday present. I just arrived from the theater with so many things in mind... Ideas, projects, cabaret, beauty, scandal, smiles. . .

Hey you are to beautiful to not have premium!!Can you message me with info on your snap chat?

Hey you are to beautiful to not have premium!!Can you message me with info on your snap chat?

And after lie together he felt there was a new door opened, so much to feel that the world sensations would never end.

Contest! Vote for me and Pilar (the motorbike name) for the spring hollydays contest.
10$ Snap 1year+bike photo set+1 solo vid
20$ Snap+photos+1vid
30$ Snap+photos+2vids+15min sky

I am very interested

Starting San Patricio with some discounts, ^^ Snapchat has -25% :@

Does the snap come with chatting and trading pics

I try to sen one snap at least daily. I answer always I can in the moment and Yes, some echange and feedback !

When you say I want t dedicate my time to do ARTISTIC, KINKY AND NAUGTY STUFF. Most of my friends said, it really suits you. But my crazy mind din´t tough about any cosplay, I tough in some cartoons I stil do not have a budget to do. Hahahaha . . .

Kinky Kisses to you Beautiful<3

You´re so good with that plats! :spank_me:

I am so excited! My firts contest !

Well, when I start to have petions I´ll try to negotiate better mail price. Is stupid they charge me the same for send a letter to France than to NewZeland.:the_thighs_have_it:

Comming up this week: My first items in the store (nickers and stockingsat the moment, ) 2 pycologist office fantasies and toninght a squirt training video.

Radovid Feb 22

Hi Luna, I love your videos, they always put a smile on my face! I was wondering if you have any plans on selling fetish objects like panties and stuff?

Yes. My new year resolution was to become full time webcan girl, I loved and enjoy doing videos and oufits. I am cheking post services because I have al being asked for nickers but I plan maybe sell some custom plugs. (I love my tails)

I am canging my internet conection, so I canot be online chaturbating (Luna_aq) as mach as I would like. Intead I am recording and editing a video every day. ^^ And creating some custom tail. You´ll see ;)

:sissy_slut: First videos On. He the most simply edited ones.. I have more... You´ll see the previous by the end of the week. I am so happy to share things ^^

I have  mischevous ideas. . .  sexy projets  I´m willing to share... to build a career  a naugty gil. But there is a lot to learn before . I promis to myself it´ll worth the effort to work in soemthing I like. :spotlight:

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Be aware, I am switch, kinky, very imaginative..A horny squirter fairy, a fox with strap, a sodomite witch, I am just a pagan petite nature GODDESS trapped in a city who loves to seduce & to be worship.

Turns me on: Gentelman. Inteligence..Warm up the shy. SPANKING.Pegging. Play hidden in nature, bondage, CEI ... naughty smiles

I enjoy making shows and pvts especialy C2C. (anal, squirt, joi, role play, pet play, femdon, pee, plug tails, feet^^: barefoot, boots, shoes; corsets, stockins [...]


Webcam Model Naughty Girl






Spanish Spain




Open relationship

Hair Color

Dark Brown

Eye Color



32" 26" 36"

Breast Size

Natural 28B


5'0" or 152 cm


115 lbs

Body Type

About Average








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