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Dirty Danza

Bring me your pretty little mouth you filthy little whore! Porn Legend, Dirty Danza !!!

Joined January 2017
ExploitedCuties deleted Mar 2

Hey there Family ! long time no see! hmu

mini2003 Feb 25

Love your old work. Would love to see you breed my gf.

Send her my way

realtip Feb 6

Yo! Are you THE Dirty Danza? The same guy who used to make girls puke and piss in their mouths? I've been trying to find you old vids forever, Man! Do you still have them?

That's me bro...I will be adding a ton from my archive in here... my stuff that does not comply with the rules for manyvids I'll have at my new paysite fuckhermouth.com

I'll send you promo code for many vids here... I love hearing from old fans.... 

Do you do custom videos?

Yes, I do

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You know me.. I have been around producing filth since 2001. I have discovered many of the top names you see now. I specialize in the filthiest throat fucking videos on the internet.

After a long hiatus, I have decided to start up production again. I am back and filming scenes that are filthier than ever.

Girls in Las Vegas looking to shoot feel free to shoot me a message.

I am filming:

Face Fucking Scenes

Anal Scenes

Sleep Scenes


American United States

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