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If your a performer and need male talent Im in Chicago/Indiana. I'm thinking about joining as a performer also this site is very cool. but until then I'm Boring. Enjoy.

Turn my world into color.

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Taurus/Leo. My heart is a wolf ruled by two moons; one which beckons me back into the night, the other is calling me home... To La La Land..... My City Of Stars.


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The Adorable beautiful Turkish Delight is back . She shows us her acting skills with her bf and it was super cute more of this talented lady I expect to see she can turn anyone on. Bright future . 5 stars

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This was a beautiful intimate moment with her wow loved every minute of it. I just have to say if you don't know ladies & gentleman her moans are adorable :)

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Thank you! <3

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Seriously I love this Blue she is sexy, sweet, and loves to make love to the camera man she is incredible always. A MUST WATCH! :)

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I shoot all my videos by myself on a tripod except the ones with Owen, those were shot by him and with his tripod:)

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Perfect stroking and sucking she is very talented.

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Thank you so much!

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One hell of a sloppy sexy Blowjob :)

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Why thank you! More solo and some B/G ones will be posted next week. :@

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This was awesome super cute and fun she is an entertainer loved it :)

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Thanks! <3

LauraNightVixen deleted Aug 25 2017

Awww, thank you so much!!! <3

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This was as described but BETTER.. lol She moans so cute and makes sure you see that she enjoys it :)

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I just finished watching this one and Im taking away she has such a beautiful tight tiny pink soft pussy :)

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Gorgeous and so very naughty :)

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Definitely enjoyed this :) she is super cute, big lips, big eyes, and beautiful pussy a must watch.

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I already love her videos shes a professional and this was worth every cent she was perfect I was amazed at how good this was . Hope she does another one so so sexy. :)

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This was incredible she looked so happy and horny she really wanted to spank the shit out of her ass. ;) I love that she reminds me of Milla Jovovich so much ..;) But that ass of her is so hot! Thanks Blue Dream you always make me cum so hard . ;)

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First of let me just say Blue Dream is beautiful :) This video has awesome music playing softly in the background that I shazam to know the names of them...lol She was perfect in this video she danced and masturbated in lots of angles for us and fingered her beautiful pussy and that asshole DAMN!! A MUST WATCH !! Also she is super cool get to know her shes a super sweet lady.

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This is a beautiful freckled banging Body and her eyes OMG!! YES SHE HAS ALL THE ABOVE. Plus She worships that cock like a professional its breathtaking how good she is. Loved this video wish that people made more compilations.

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Body, Face, and her Moans all so beautiful . Beautifully done for her first video.

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Thank you :)

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This is what I am talking about beautiful close upS of her sexy so fucking sexy body. I was left in a trance so fucking HOT!!!

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^.^:) thanks u so so much wejustcrazy! :x<3

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Bella from the beginning to the end of the video she keeps you wanting more of her. She was incredible in this scene the squirting was FANTASTIC. Thank you Bella ;)

CrazyBella Jun 29 2017

:):@ thanks to u for so amazing review and let me know how much u like my vid:x

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Allana is just the perfect naughty love this so much :)

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I just cant say anything negative about this beautiful Lady that face and eyes and her body just incredible those curves and soft pale skin damn! A Dream :) Im Buying her panties right away now...lol

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This was an incredible video every second was so sexy she is incredible always.

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I have 9 of her videos and I still haven't finished watching them . It is so hard she always makes me way to excited shes incredible a perfect beauty on camera.

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She gave it to him 8 minutes of heaven so sexy this girl ROCKS!

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I think this girl is probably one of the most beautiful ladies on here I mean she has it all and so talented also.

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For an older video this is good :)

Foot Job Aug 25 2017
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Beautiful Feet beautiful lady she never fails :)

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What a sexy share thank you hun :)

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Adorable looking girl everything you need to know in the video very well done :)

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Holy Moly gorgeous girl and very well done :)

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Such a beautiful sexy lady cant get enough of her :)

Kitten Play Aug 23 2017
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Wow! Wow! the editing on this is so beautifully done the music and then the fade away talented lady. Herr sweet beautiful moans and the way she makes herself wet and focuses on the camera shes a perfectionist Loved every minute of it. Huge Fan! 10/10

Creamy DP Aug 23 2017
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This beautiful Lady has an incredible body and Face shes 10/10... But anyhow Her skills on camera are so well done she really makes love to the camera with her eyes and definitely to herself. I love this chick much love and respect to her keep up the great work.

Pussy Tease Aug 21 2017
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You have such a beautiful smile and also my goodness a hella hot body. Thank you for this freebie :)

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Thank you sweetheart! ❤️ And thanks for taking the time to review 😜

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I love the acting very well done definitely gonna make you want a custom video :)

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Man Great idea love this. Turkish Delights body is Banging. :)

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Blue is a huge Favorite of mine on ManyVids and I always enjoy her vids . This was beautifully shot , with super closeup shots of her pussy dripping cum juice so nice an wet and her ass wow HOT!!! check it out so so sexy.

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I already watched at least 11 times in the last 8 hours she was adorably sexy in that onesie and her ass the way she spanks it DAMN! Also her pussy lips are to die for she loves to touch herself an the way she interacts with you on camera is perfect.

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Her moans are sexy ass fuck and her ass so bubbly and she can make you cum hard.

Mylene Sep 21 2017


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She is a breath of fresh air ...A Naturally beautiful exotic (HOT!!) looking woman and so good at making us love every minute of the scene. She is superb definitely will be purchasing lots more from her.

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A beautiful lady giving us a wonderful private moment man she is sexy.

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I wanted to cum so fast when she sucks and licks balls wow incredible she does it just the way I love it done to me.