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this one is to Hailey so I hope she will see this. First of all big fan, I was wondering if you accepted online paypigs to pay tributes and buy things you want. Throw me a message if you do and hope to hear from you :)

matgilet Apr 24

hello, do you produce customs?

Hi, unfortunately we do not. At least not at the moment :)
<3 Hailey

Giorock99 deleted Apr 18

I would love a custom clip from you

Hi, sorry we don't take customs at the moment. Best regards

Please do more videos like "Summer under Mia" those blue nylon gym shorts are great! If you can do more videos with those type of shorts or even sporty nylon/wind pants that would be awesome. I belong to a couple sites called and I have a lot of friends that would love to see girls in these type of clothes facesitting. Ill be sure to spread the word about your videos if you make more using these clothes. Hope to see something soon, and make you a great profit!


Thank you for the kind compliments, glad you loved the video!

Love that body.. one hot chic.. showing love


love your work.. showing love

thank you! :)

love your work.. showing love

lisa235 Feb 16

can you make a smoking clip with cigarette licking before light up

Hi. It would have to be a custom made video. $50/5mins.

lisa235 Feb 22

sorry i don't order customs i just make suggestions for public clips 
if you want you can make fantastic video

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