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2 new naughty Christmas vids available ♡

Thank you, my beautiful friend! Rose xx

Just stopping by to say hello and send you some love! :x<3 Hope you have a lovely day!

Thank you, dearest cc! xo

Thank you for the video purchase and support~! I hope you enjoyed the video!

thank you!! ^.^

Thank you, sexy fella! xx

Thank you for the 5 star rating & great review. I appreciate you taking the time to review your purchase & am glad you enjoyed the scene.

Thanks for your purchase indiana!:x

Thanks and happy to see you again on my profile indiana!

Thanks so much for the purchases. I'm uploading new pics and vids every week so come back for more! Meanwhile, feel free to follow my public Snap: EllieBLovesYou and my Twitter: @ellie_boulder

Thanks for the review & purchases! Wanna chat? DM me on twitter @GentleLilJenny xx

Thank you for the return visit and continued support, FrenchLickIndiana!  :)

Thank you so much for the tip, honey! <3

Thanks back for GREaT free vids

Thank you for the love! I hope you check out my videos! :x:x:x

There's SO many, interesting titles, too; going to have to go through the archive

Let me know if you want any recommendations! <3:x

mecho11 Feb 13

Hello FLI
Since you appreciate lovely DarlingRosette, you might also enjoy CalliRose, who in my opinion has the best authentic female orgasms on MV:           

I did & am checking out CR; see above ^

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I have a lot of respect & admiration for sex workers- pornography, eroTica, prostitution, sexuaL dancers, or otherwise. Society is WEIRD not to appreciate their work as not simpLy difficult to perfect but irrepLaceable (WHO ELSE will provide sexuaL entertainment, interaction, art, etc.?) I suggest a resistance by aLL to racism, idiocy, xenophobia, & other USA trendy behaviors. Aside from that suggestion on sociaL devoLution, I'd like to say THANKS to the creative & hoT Pornmakers of MV.


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I don't know if there's anything more I can say than the title & preview do. Kristy is so raunchy, HOT, & fun & her man's long cock & fucking-energy add the necessary 5-star-porn ingredients.

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So many moments to Love here! 1:01 - 1:07 funn FUCKing from behind, and of course 1:15- 1:16 ("Fuck! Oh!") where Kristy is absolutely varnished in jizz. Her adorabLe smiLe, fuck-me eyes (or, specificaLLY, her you-have-fucked-my-mouth eyes), such a delight, as always.

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This is very similar to 'DoggyStyle Fuck Blowjob and Facial POV'; that one ALSO features the stunning Kristy in a down jacket, her FINEfine ass in shortshorts getting spanked & humped from behind by TroubleMan (who, if you care, has an impressive, luscious uncut boner) & skilled cocksucking. This one, though, features a bondage kick in the last half with Dirty K taking throat-cock while her hands are captive behind. Like I Am Curious Blue and I Am Curious Yellow, the 2 films are "different but the same" & worth checking out both.

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I adore how DIRTY Kristy is! She reminds me of Julia Stiles, but more voluptuous. I think I prefer Kristy's films. :^) Her delicious rump takes some nice backhitting & her sensuously-textured tongue & skilled mouthflesh bring the jizz out of Gilly onto her lovely smile. <3

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OK, this advertisement worked! I'm quite interested now in the business of Kristy's adorable & soggy face. Dirtier the better!!

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Victoria is perfecT. Lucky for us we get to see such a fantastic vid.

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A lot of this video's first few minutes are more urban speLunking than spunKing, so if you're the kind of person that expects a LOT of intercourse/ foreplay/ fucking nonstop, this is not the vid to start with.... BUT for a LOT of weird, real-life poking-around-strange-shacks at night, sucking & COMING quickLy, then booking out of there, aka a We Might Get Arrested Blowjob, this is a unique & CHEAP Cloe video to check out, showing you the kind of personality that creates so many fans & these many ★★★★★ reviews.

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Rose aLways shows her love of giving head in her BJ videos. The "athletic" in the title refers to the sports bra and lycra thong that accent her buTT from the side & when she acrobaticaLLy flips with her feet up. LOTS of prepuce-licking, romantic exchanges between the 2, & a deep-throaT ending swaLLow.

If oral sex is not risky enough on its own, a slut will find a way. Thank you, cc! xo

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I always heard Catholic school punishments were tough, yardstick-spankings & ruler-beatings, but this vid makes me wish I'D been punished in CathoLic schooL.

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Rose is adorabLe, & if you're fortunate to have boughT or been gifTed her panties then you know - her - sweaT - smeLLs - GOOD.

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Mlle. Fyre brings a fun, chatty, & hands-on mother's touch to a whacking son's All-Time Motherfucking Moment Of Climax. [literaL m-f-ing] Gorgeous

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arousing mix of nude & covered parts; sTeaming underneath ✵✵✵✵✵

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The perfecT Rose gets deep sonorous power from her wooLy weT Venus, thigh stockings a minimaL but effective cosTume to Long Legs & fuLL asS loudy orgasming oiLy ✵✵✵✵✵

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Jenny & Andre are my favorite romantic coupLe on MV. They have LOTS of videos, very cheap or FREE, & the quality of video is generally high (dark bedroom vids aside). They're also both HOT-T-t & the fucking & sucKing they get up to is Fun/ passionaTe/ arouSing.

Wow! Thank you for this awesome review.. we do love what we do! hehe

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Viewing from afar can onLy make 1 desire to enjoy in person the cumin-like $weaT & buTT desserT within Rose's panTs, especially if you've bought her Manyvids undie$.

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Gorgeous Jenny in her lace panTies. spoiLer aLert - she aLso gives her boyfriend's cock some kisses

●●●●● Read Review

Rose's darling bushy treasure, and her kinKy tortures & manipuLations of it. & I'm sure those panties have Luxurious aroma.

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I was a big fan of another Lacy humiliation video. a Fab fiery domme, & gorgeous woman taking no dribbling-pants wanker mess

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The video quality IS grainy & black & white, but the HOTness isn't lessened, but rather gives a unique Look to a VERY hot, deep, submissive masTer/servanT bLowjob. Rose's eyes remain open & eager an impressive majority of the time, her fighting off gagging to accept her man's uncircumcised, sticky desserT into her Throat.

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What a fortunate Craigsnight for this man!! Rose is too good at Sex to be true, but then I guess this is video evidence that it's true - she is as amazingLy taLented & gratifying at fucking & cocksucking as one couLd dreaM. BlissfuL aLLure, in a rich variety of positions made avaiLable by a gianT couch.

DarlingRosette Nov 26 2017

That is high praise, thank you, dear one!

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Ah, Gillette, a mid-'90s femdom-pop standout (also, her lesser-known "You Move Too Fast"). Ada is completely charming & gorgeous in her dancing undies.

●●●●● Read Review

Loved the worK of Indigo from other siTes. Some of my absoLute fave femdom humiliation ever, so very glad to see her on ManyVids. No slight meant to the obviousLy hot Moretta, it's just that IA has one of the most endearing voice timbres/ accents I've heard.

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Lovely lil spontaneous vid. Can't complain about the price -FREE- so download it nowww

Cum With Me Oct 13 2017
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Kaedia is charming, adorabLe, & the perfect bLend of CUTE & eroTic.

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I <3 Rose's commitment to deepThroaTing & Loving on this man's thick cock. Some DT videos are great because the taLented cocksucKer can efforTLessly intaKe a swordLike cock without much coughing at aLL. Other vids are greaT bc the boTTom's LOVE of cock overcomes the gagging, struggling, chocking, & borderline-vomiTing not because it is easy, but BECAUSE it is hard* yet rewarding in the way that only giving deeeep, dedicaTed, meSSy oraL can be: the tastes, smeLLs, & sensations. [*my apologies to President Kennedy for the plagiarism]

Nudie Salsa Sep 12 2017
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Lots of cilantro & sweeTly pretty Rosette, saLsa from an infuser, naked & all naturaL

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A very aTTractive face with a greaT deaL of come spurted on her nose. Funny to think what amazing goings-on might be in the park RIGHT next to you on a quieT day.

lillie8stephen Sep 9 2017

Thank you! O.O

Faye and Agony Aug 23 2017
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Faye is so cute & HOT. Just seeing her gorgeous face & tit-playing is enough to make this 1 of MV's hottest vids.

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Lucky enough to have snoKed a bit aLong while watching. OG Kush is nice, but best of all was watching this whiLe deeply breathing in a pair of used floraL panTies from her store. From her looks to personaLity to her peppery, fragrant zest, she is darling.

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Bravo, you are a bLowjob Ruler. Such fantasTic gag-controL.

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The sidebar says it all. Serves as "DVD commentary" to the acted/ fetish vids, so nowhere near as eroticized, but nevertheless insightful as a companion piece to them.

●●●●● Read Review

Similar to Eva's other video, although that was a more cutesy-drunk solo presentation of her stories. Here, she & Petra enact some of the scenarios in HOT fuck-undies-stocking wear, & more details emerge than the 1st vid, PLUS Petra's stories (equally long) of orgy/drug "experimentation" (i.e. partying... why do we say "experiment"? LoL) in her early college days. Then a little stripping from them both - not that PLENTY of boob & lingeried hotness wasn't a bonus before.

●●●●● Read Review

As always, Dani looks fantastic in & out of pantyhose, but even formal office skirts take on lingerie form, wrapped around her STuNNiNG hips & ass. From all layers (skirt/ standard hose/ satin panties) all the way down to none, every look, each minute, is arousing.

Fuck me HARD Jul 16 2017
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This is a very simple, straightforward video. That might initially sound like faint praise. Let me clarify-- this is a simple, straightforward video of a guy with a thick, FULL dick ferventLy fucking his wife's BIG, VERY FANTASTIC ass. POV style, ambient sounds of breathing & wet, HOT junk fucking. No acting, props, fake passion, or pretend yelling, so some bargain & choice, (as I said) straightforward) POV sex, hiTTin' from behind.

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The divinely sexuaLLy-gifted Eva takes a big diLdo to her throat & mouth. I'm pretty sure she is 1 of our universe's gifted cocksuckers, a delightfully game & enthusiastic star of the fucking world (i.e. literally The World Of Fucking -- within the general world of people who fuck WELLL, she HAS to be 1 of the best).

●●●●● Read Review

There are a lot of great women on here on the more hardcore side of sex, & many ways that they can do it well: serious & jaded, sly & jaded, enthusiastic & acting a lot.... all good. I feel like Eva is on the more fun, bright end of the hardcore. That isn't always common, & it makes a lot of her videos enjoyable! (Mind you, in a lot of the solo POVs, she is acting more horny & sultry/ serious & THOSE are worth checking out, too.)

●●●●● Read Review

Eva is sooo hot & you get such a FULL range of benefits here: cocksucking in her cute winter hat, her love of cock in her face shining through; a pretty sexy lil guy with a nice dick; Eva getting cock-drunk while bangin hard doggy-style, a VERY underrated fun thing to see, to be found in a few great vids like this one.

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Must be an amaZing delight, the redoLence of Rosette's spiT & ejacuLate. After a lengthy vibrator administration to her wooLy trove, she submiTs to a few punishing TiT-spanks for thoroughness.

●●●●● Read Review

A loveLy bright-Lit & muLti-angle study of all mentioned in the vid-summary. Chris' lithe & smooth hoT-T-t body & cock that would be dessert to any mouth are given a nice downlooking perspecTive in the shower, as he saLivates on his anal beads to complete a fully charged prostate/ dick O.

●●●●● Read Review

So far, I've just bought 2 videos by her... but both have been GREAT, & what she can do is TALK. Very simply, her love of sex/ fucking/ sucking/ orgasm comes through. I've sent a littLe fan emaiL & her gracious reply had that spirit, too; she is DTF & (just as importantLy) in a FUN, engaged, vibrant way.

●●●●● Read Review

Rosette is sweetLy friendly & horny Jane Austen, with access to a few bare essentials of the modern era: lamp, radiator, a bound copy of her novel to share in reading to you, & a large vibrator. She uses the latter 2 a LOT in the video's 2nd half; face-down reading out Pride & Prejudice, ecstacy-moans increasing, her faultless fuzzy underside totally exposed. I don't know if Jane had an immacuLate, peachysoft duff or delightfully-pulsing, ambrosiaL dripping hoLes (my professors focused on Pynchon & Dante [& no info was given on their buttholes, either]) like Rosette's, but I like her version of Jane.

DarlingRosette May 7 2017

My first ever cosplay :) i am happy you enjoyed; I liked Jane enough that she may get another appearance! Rose xx

●●●●● Read Review

No review needed here! I mean, you see the preview & Cloe's page, you think, "Hmmm, she's really cute & a sexual dynamo in these videos, huh? I mean, smiles, joy, & CUM everywhere, right?" Yeses to aLLLL. "30 Man Bukkake Blowbang at Adult Theater?" yr thinking, "Sounds cooL.... if it's filmed well, & she's good at head..." Um, YESS$$S, it's aLL GREAT. This is the blowjob bukkake video yr looking for! Cocks, jizz, & (can I stress enough?) enthusiasm!

Doggy POV May 7 2017
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Doggystyle with her wouLd be as good as sex gets, I'd think. What a body, with that energy & smiLe... well, and PERFECT ass .<3

blackswan19 deleted May 7 2017

:x:x:x:x thanks french

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Love it; the paragraph description says it all. Gorgeous

●●●●● Read Review

Her preview paragraph says it all. If you like to hear a gorgeous petite woman with perfect, well, EVerything talk about her love of a FuLLL range of sex organs, cracks, & ejacuLates of sex, BUY et!

●●●●● Read Review

I hadn't ever really thought about nose-fetishizing. Even if it wasn't familiar to me, it's easy to enjoy the video as an intimate, up close visit with Rosette. No nudity, but the feeling of nudity from her soft, bare shoulders, creating subtle sexual charge.

●●●●● Read Review

Rosette plays out a very submissive scene. Sometimes, she's a lil hard to hear... but that's bc her face is in the mattress with her ass & heavenly bushy dessert in Master's face (i.e. yours!) playing out some solo paddling, fingering (of course!), & whispered pleas for punishment. Delightful darlingness with a BDSM edge.

●●●●● Read Review

Zander is, aside from being among the most sweetly beautiful pornmakers, is good at switching. Her SPH are faves of mine, but ALSO these submissive begging-sex-slave scenes are just as good. Like with all film, PERSONALITY draws you in, brings you to seek other films of the actor. In p0rn, one of my Oscar picks is Zander!