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Cate u are so hot would love to see more cock sucking videos :)

Mystic_X Nov 11

Hi, would like to buy a custom vid. Would it be possible to PM me or email to discuss script? manyvids won't let me send a PM unless you send 1st. thanks!

Erik Shun Jun 4 2017

More please..

conv350z May 31 2017

Custom vids??

andprinter May 30 2017

Hey Cate, I just saw you earlier on Chaturbate and again, I love your Converse.  Would love to see you do a video or pictures in your sneakers without socks.  Would you consider doing a bubble bath or something like that???  Thanks again for the show.  Andrew.

aceswild0335 May 16 2017

Hey guys.  You two are great on Chaturbate.  I think we would all love to see a creampie vid!

Bordan May 8 2017

Since we've got a Cate solo video, can we get a Mark solo too ;) He is HANDSOME AF!

lovely_foxes Apr 28 2017

Hello! We also cam on chatutbate

Erik Shun Mar 26 2017

more please..

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