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White / Caucasian


American United States



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5'6" or 168 cm


140 lbs

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About Average

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Sinn & Ela are obviously friends outside of the industry and it shows in the ease and comfort of their interactions. Laid back and familiar, it's nice to see them enjoy one another's bodies on a informal set enviornment. I am guessing the usually very vocal Ela is keeping hers moans of delight to a minimum by covering her mouth with her hand so as to not disturb Sinns neighbors.....I just betcha. A quality addition to anyone's Sinn Sage (or Ela Darling) video collection!

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Fun!! This is the 5th installment of Hitachi Chicken. I love all of them! They always make me laugh because Sinn and her gal pal are always giggling, and they end with a smile on their face. Good times!

ha! this is what i thought! definitely the best one yet! thanks for the review :)

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This is what I have been waiting for. Its just .....well, perfect. She loves him, he loves her, they are TOTALLY in to each's what an loving (and gorgeous) couple does. But don't think for a second that isn't hot because trust me: they are fucking hot to watch. I would sell my soul to be a fly (in the middle) on the wall with this lovely couple. Many thanks to both of them for sharing this with us! Please carry on, now :-)

SinnSage Dec 3 2017

aw thank you so much! this is awesome! i agree, this felt SO hot, and truly passionate, i am SO glad it translated on the screen!

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Installment 3 of Hitachi Chicken.....such a fun game! No participation ribbons here, EVERYONE is a winner. :-D

Fuckuzzi Fucking Jun 16 2017
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This is exactly what you would see (or would hope to see, lol) if you peeked over the back fence into your neighbors yard and caught them all horned up in the jacuzzi. Very natural, very real....I loved every second of it. Thank you Sinn & Drake for sharing. Reality fucking at its best!

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Hooray for fuck machines! Hooray for Hitachis! Hooray for Drake! Hooray for Sinn Saaaaaaage!! Yippeeee! Perfect length video for two people that are so completely into each other and intent on making each other feel good. I am a devoted Sinn Sage follower but increasingly I am really digging her with Drake as she is so honestly turned on by him. She is a similar but different creature with him than with girls. Still very intense, very sexual and very dedicated to giving and receiving pleasure but also content and dare I say, excited about relinquishing a bit of her omnipotent dominance that she has with women. Well done Intimacy Productions for capturing Mr. & Mrs. Man O'War enjoying a quality fuck session.....we thank you. :-)

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What can be said other than waaaaay chill and sexy. Sometimes, it's just super awesome to let someone make you feel good, relaxed and satisfied without reciprocation. Just sit (or lay, lol) back and enjoy pleasure. Its a gift from them to you. Sinn is the generous giver and Cheyenne is the VERY lucky receiver. Yespleaseandthankyou!!

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I'm not really a frightened in bondage sorta gal but I am a Sinn getting pounded from behind sorta gal, so my 5 stars are based on the the 2nd 2/3rds of this scene. As always Sinn and Drake put a lot of thought and effort into everything they do. Another outstanding selection for a well rounded Sinn Sage library. :-D

SinnSage Mar 7 2017

thanks for your awesome review! :)

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I cant even type right now. Yespleaseandthankyou!! When Miss Sage goes down on a girl it's like she is sampling an exquisite wine, willing to take her time to tempt and tease out every little yummy nuance of flavor. Not only that but the girl seriously enjoys her work making it impossible not to watch her with a slack jaw and an unblinking, glazed over look, lol.

Star Nine, I am green with envy! :-D

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Adorable frolick in the surf. How awesome would it be to be to happen across this beach while Sinn is enjoying soaking up some Hawaii sun?

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Real stuff. Real good. Real good stuff! Two people who obviously are very much into each other, it comes across in their videos.
Digging that beautiful panty set....crazy thing is, it's not purple. Drake needs to up his game for his swim trunk selection, however. Plain green? :-)

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This is a comfortable and very relaxed clip of just what Sinn describes....two women leisurely enjoying one another. I don't know what it is but when Sinn lays belly to belly, boob to boob with a girl and humps her, it is amazingly hot to watch.

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Always enjoy these two together.....its just not long enough to really do a shower scene justice. Needs more kissing and lots more whole, wet body to wet body contact, rubbing and gliding. Also, oral in the shower is way hot to do, to receive and to watch. The soaping up at the beginning is a really hot start. Add 7 or 8 more minutes and it would be perrrrfect. Still a solid addition to a Sinn Sage Library. :-)

On a side note, I really wish there were half star options.....this is a 3 1/2, not a 3.

SinnSage Feb 23 2017

You should always round up then 😉

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Not your typical school yard game of chicken....this one is waaaaay better.

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Hitachi Chicken....what a great idea! Giggly, fun and successful!! :-)

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Real sex, real chemistry. Pretty cool to see "regular" sex being enjoyed by the real person, not the industry person (of course thats hot, too lol). There is nothing wrong with having and enjoying "regular" sex. Would like to have seen Sinn get off however, hence the 4 stars. Still freakin' hot though.