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Ashley Lynn TS

Hi, I'm Ashley! Exhibitionist, size queen, and tgirl slut with a fat butt. (Also a nerd.)

San Diego, CA United States Joined February 2017

thanks for the luv hon:x

Wanna come check out some of my naughty vids?

I appreciate your vote! I've voted for you more and I've hearted your new videos and photos. :) If you can, please, vote for me more! <3

So here's the reward list for paid votes in the MV Awards

$5 = One Free Vid of Your Choice (Save $3) <3
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$20 = Four Free Vids of Your Choice (Save $12) <3<3<3<3
$30 = ALL My Vids! <3<3<3<3<3<3<3

Thanks for the love! Went thru and <3'd your bio stats and all your vids <3

You are welcome for the ♥, dear. ^_^
As for the sex up there (at the last floor of Eiffel Tower), well, it's really nice to see clevages with binoculars, but I can go f myself for a good old upskirt, even with X-rays. ;)

josieyez Jul 29

Love your vids! This is the same question I've DM'd you, but I thought it might be more useful here: 

I've encountered someone who claims that most transfeminine individuals inevitably develop/discover sexual attraction towards men, implying that exclusive attraction to females is more like a phase in the progress. Does this claim have any factual basis?

That claim has no factual basis whatsoever. I've got plenty of transfeminine friends and acquaintances who are either exclusively or near-exclusively attracted to femmes. Now, /sometimes/ people discover an attraction towards men or a lack of attraction towards women. Like, they denied themselves their sexuality - because of the homophobia they experience(d) just at the signs of it - but as they come to accept their gender, they start to find it easier to understand and accept their sexuality. That's more or less what happened with me. But it's /far/ from "most." On the whole, transfemmes are all over the place in terms of sexuality. It's definitely a mistaken belief that "most" end up not being exclusively attracted to women.

Master_synn Jul 20 2017

You have a very squishy butt that I would to get my hands on. I hope you make more vids soon. Stay beautiful.

Ashley Lynn TS Jul 20 2017

Aaaa, thank you for the compliments~! You can count on more vids soon~ ;)

LustyBustyLark Mar 22 2017

Left hearts on your profile 💋

NinaDoll Mar 13 2017

Hi dear, thnx for a heart, I left you some hearts also <3

HairyPlump Mar 8 2017

Hi! Thank you for your heart, I've voted for you, and I've left my hearts to you everywhere! :)  Hope you can return me some love and maybe vote for me, too! <3 Let's help each other grow! ;)

HairyPlump Mar 8 2017

Thank you so much for your hearts! <3

HairyPlump Mar 9 2017

Thank you again! You look really cute, cool toys, and of course nice ass! ;)

Ashley Lynn TS Mar 9 2017

Haha, thank you so much! :x

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Hi hi! I'm a slutty, submissive, exhibitionist trans femme size queen. My sex drive has always been really high, and I love being watched! Maybe give my Twitter account a follow for occasional promo codes! Hope you enjoy my videos! ♥

Turn-Ons: Dicks. BDSM. Collars/leashes. Degradation. Petplay. Pain. Master/slave. Older/bigger men. Giant insertions. Anal gaping. Fisting

Friendly Reminder: Me being okay with sissy/femboy/trap/tranny/shemale doesn't give you permission to call other girls those!


Porn Star Naughty Webcam Model


1992-05-12 (26)






Self-Made ( Focus in Being A Slut )


White / Caucasian


American United States

Lives in

San Diego CA


English Spanish (partial) Japanese (partial)

Hair Color


Eye Color



42" 28" 42"

Breast Size

Natural 36D


5'9" or 175 cm


140 lbs

Body Type