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Hey honey, I hope you have a great day!:x

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Feedback is always welcome!

xoxo Sarah

Thank you for being so wonderful!

Bunnie Hughes Aug 2 2017

Thanks for buying my vidz! I hope you love every erotic second :lolipop::%

Bunnie Hughes Jun 1 2017

Did you like the vid? ;) Leave a review to let me know!

Bunnie Hughes May 28 2017

I hope you enjoyed watching me and my little blond friend ;)

Bunnie Hughes May 18 2017

Thanks for buying my video! ;)

Bunnie Hughes Apr 1 2017

If you leave a great review I can convince my cute little asian friend to cum play with me again ;)

Delta3 Apr 17 2017

Wait. What? o.O

Bunnie Hughes Mar 31 2017

Thanks again :x

Bunnie Hughes Mar 30 2017

Thanks for buying my video! I hope you enjoyed it <3

Bunnie Hughes Mar 30 2017


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I am a dude with Feminine features that likes to dress-up for Halloween, and any other event where I can get away with it. I don't really know what else I can say about myself so I'll leave it at that, but if you want to know a bit more about me then feel free to hit me up so I can give you a chance to pick at my brain. ;)


Medical Field


1990-04-19 (28)






Pacific Islander


American United States

Lives in




Hair Color


Eye Color



5'6" or 168 cm


145 lbs

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Hmmmm Guess I got the first review. I'm a little new at reviewing stuff so bear with me. Anyway it was really good. Watched the whole thing. Heck I watched it a few times over. ^_^ 5/5

Bunnie Hughes Jun 17 2017

I am so glad you liked this video!! <3

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I don't know about this one. I mean I payed to watch the video but ended up getting bits of it with most of the video with instructions to get the real thing. I'm not entirely sure what you are trying to accomplish by doing that. Anyway it doesn't seem fair to rate video that I can't completely see unless I do some other thing.