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Hey there fellow producer. I’m Lyndsey and I like your work. We should do videos together. Xo:x;)

Do you think you would be able to do two videos; one with Vienna Rose, and the other with Stephie Staar? I would love to see them as part of Mind Under Master!

do you make movie?

MasterW Feb 13

Might I humbly suggest a Valentine's Day Special to entice more viewers, such as myself ;P

PaulMENY Nov 29 2017

Hi got the Hannah vid but could you please message me I cant seen to message you.

Dashingtea Aug 26 2017

Fantastic channel with a really willing director who looks to please. <3 , I am visually enchanted by your artwork. Would definitely love seeing younger, fresh 18yo/19yo girls being casted. The teen craze will never die. LMK if you offer customs in the future ;)

Thanks for the purchase:)

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If you like....Mind Control, Submissive girls, ASMR, Home Wrecking, Stepdaughter / Stepfather Taboo, then you've come to the right page.

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