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50% on my last vids, the most recent and the better ones I've ever make ;)

Really proud of my last vid, it's my first edited video <3 On sale for this week only, tell me what you think about it!

oh i like that so much

Thank you!! ❤

Add me on skype at

Want a skype live show? I'm ready now! 2 dollars for one minute

Pink Prince May 27 2017

20% discount for one week only!

Mzm1989 May 25 2017

Hey honey , i want all of your videos is it possible to pay with PayPal? 
I think your the most beautiful boy I've ever seen your so attractive , i love the way you are

Pink Prince May 27 2017

Thank you <3

CastinAtoms May 13 2017

Hey hun, do you sell fan signs? i'd love to buy some :) drop me a message if you find the time xx

Pink Prince May 14 2017

Off course ;3 Send me a MP

Pink Prince Apr 27 2017

I have new videos <3 Hope you'll enjoy them!

Jonnielovedick Apr 18 2017

You are so handsome and yes you have a nice cock.

hulk940 Mar 18 2017

Your Tumblr made me prematurely ejaculate. I'm gay now because I want your cock.

Pink Prince Mar 18 2017

❤ This is lovely

Grey_Geist Mar 14 2017

I greatly enjoyed your first video, can't wait to see more content.

shadow629 Mar 13 2017

Welcome to the site hope you have fun. Can't wait to see more.

Pink Prince Mar 13 2017

I'm new on ManyVids, be gentle with me <3

JewlieSparxx May 30 2017

So glad you're here! You're very very lovely. I hope we can be friends! see you around 😘

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