Joined March 2017

You can find me on Twitter @LightningRod360

Your stuff looks good.  I like to help new girls get started especially ones with potential like you.  I can be a very supportive fan.  Please tell me where else I can find you.  Twitter?  Camsite? Insta?  Snapchat?

wivesbooty Apr 2 2017

Hi, first of all you are stunning, but I'm sure many people say that.  Look, i typically purchase 'creamy' vids since this is my preference.  I see 2 vids on your landing page, but it there any vids that are considered 'creamy'? Will these be coming soon?


I am a shy girl, but I will open up for you (: I have a lot of spare time to play with myself and now I have a way to share it