Sending lots of love ❤❤xoxo

sending you loads of love xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Hi, I'm Maria<3 I will be glad if you come to my page, follow me and enjoy Big November Discount :x  

I already put all the videos at 10% discount:AIt will last until  December 1.) 

Also I will reveal the secret and say that every weekend there will be huge discounts  from 50% to 75%(Y))

New videos and store items will be sold at a big discount for a while too.  

Stay tuned for news and dont miss out!) 

And of course you can order Custom Vid by your OWN script:love_message:

Yes message me so we can discuss the video

Thank you for buying my video.  I hope you enjoy it.  Kisses

I am at Sheri's Ranch Brothel in Pahrump, NV -- or out of town on vacation. Need to contact me? 
10-14 day response time: MV private messaging
5-10 day response time: enquiries.bhughes@gmail.com
24 hour response time: sextpanther.com/bunnie-hughes
Immediate response time: secret snapchatters (must be purchased by July 8)
Scheduling appointment at Sheri's: twitter.com/book_bunnie

July Schedule:
July 8-16 - Sheri's Ranch (limited internet access, see above for contact information)
July 17 - Home, responding to emails and fulfilling store item purchases
July 18-22 - On vacation, unreachable. All messages and store item purchases will be handled when I return
July 23-29 - Filming remaining custom videos, shooting polaroids, fansigns, and custom photo sets
July 30-August 1 - Editing and emailing videos and photo sets, mailing polaroids and letters

Thank You, thank You, thank You! I really hope you enjoy it Jack. If you fancy watching any of my other vids, promo code xHo9151 will get you a juicy 15% off xx

Thank you Jack! Enjoy <3

Catpaws Mar 14

Thank you so much! You're the first person to buy that video, I hope you really love it! :)

NikiSpencer Dec 17 2017

Thanks for your purchase!  Hope you enjoy! <3

ScarletRaven Apr 3 2017

Thank you so much for the purchase.  :A:x  Follow me on SnapChat @ SRFamilyArmy.     xoxo, Scarlet

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