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Aww, welcome sweetie. I see you're the #38 earner this month so far. You rock.

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White / Caucasian


American United States

Lives in

Great Lakes US



Hair Color

Salt & Pepper

Eye Color



6'0" or 183 cm

Body Type




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This is really hypnotic. The POV really gets you into the scene and Lexi's eyes are soooo pretty. Well worth it.

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Incredibly hot. The soft, feminine moans drive me over the edge, and her body is perfection: the slim but defined arm and its tattoo, the rosy nipples against the flawless pale skin. The crescendo toward the shaking, shuddering orgasm. It's only three minutes, but by the end, I'm so hot I just want to lick and suck the cum from her slim pretty hand.

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Nice video. The hands-free cumming is a really hot moment, and god what a beautiful body, the flat, defined muscular stomach, the perfect, smooth flat chest, the little pink nipples, the long slim legs. Love the striped socks and striped opera-length arm warmers, too. The video does make me wish it had sound (in her 'Riding and Cuming' video, her high, soft moans are incredibly erotic). And I wish the camera angle showed her face: she is soooo pretty: porcelain-skin emo-girl perfection. But it's definitely worth buying -- watching her cum made me cum.

Happy you enjoyed <3 I recorded this long time ago when i didnt had enough confidence to show my face but sadly thx to the hormones i wont be able to do anything like this ever again :`(

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Incredibly hot. At the outset, she's focused on the camera, smiling, playing with her perfect breasts, stroking herself, looking to please the viewer, but literally within a minute, she's lost in her own pleasure. It's a short video, but the journey it takes is amazing. And so hot to watch, I barely made it through before cumming myself. I'll watch it again and again.

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Oh my fucking god. The video starts with a shot of Candy's perfect tiny tits, then pans down to her gorgeous, rod-straight, hung cock, then down further as we watch her use her long, slender, manicured fingers to play with her tight pink asshole. She jacks herself until you see a pearl of cum at the tip of her cock. She turns over, letting us see the best ass on manyvids. Three minutes of heaven. You'll jack to this again and again.

second Apr 20
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Incredibly hot. Candy has a perfect body: long legs, flat and well-defined belly with a pierced navel, lovely tattoo along her obliques, smooth tiny ass with a tight rosebud asshole and a cute little mole. Her cock is gorgeous, and she slowly strokes it with her long slender fingers, showing off her perfectly painted acrylic nails. She's got such a pretty face, it's too bad we only see it at the beginning and end. I'll watch it over and over.

First Apr 7
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Candy Delicious is gorgeous, with a taut stomach and a rod-straight cock. I love her hands and nails. This video doesn't show her face or her perfect flat chest, so I'm hoping her next video shows a lot more of her.