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Likable but haunted. Almost always horny and distracted morning til night. My thrills are slender, natural- or flat-chested tgirls and pretty femboys. I'm here because some of my favorite models and performers -- my favorite tgirls -- are here, and if I enjoy their work I should support them, rather than just stealing everything from the internet. Feel free to say hi...








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Stunning women, just unreal. I'm not generally such a fan of implants, which Julie's "girlfriend" has, but she's got the face of an angel, and Julie herself is simply God's gift, every inch of her. The video also seems so real in so many ways ... the things they whisper to each other that you can't quite make out, the expressions, the breathing. Even though they're obviously making a video -- that is, playing for the camera -- it's obvious they're giving each other real pleasure, and that is incredibly erotic.

Really great review thank you 😊

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There's so much that sets Cristy apart. Her tight, perfectly pale spinner's body. Her fascinating face you genuinely could look at forever. The way she's both eager to please and takes so much pleasure for herself; at every turn, she's in the moment and wants to be there. And then there's the fucking. Watching her master's hands cup her pert tits, watching her pretty cock dance as she bounces on him, listening to those feminine moans that can't help themselves sometimes but end in a little squeal, all the while looking at the camera -- looking at you -- you just cum all over yourself. You can't help it. Fuck.

Most hot review ever :P I'm happy you love it ^^

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At this point I'm probably hopeless at reviewing Cristy -- I adore her -- but if you love watching a petite, taut beauty, then Cristy's smoky eyes staring into the camera with a cock in her mouth will drive you over the edge, probably more than once.

Awww thankies :A I love reading your reviews O.O im happy you loved the video :) Its turned out to be super hot <3*kisses* <3

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Oh my god, those eyes. The video is mesmerizing, a wish-you-were-the-guy POV vid. Her quiet moans as she sucks, her hands with their pretty black nails wrapped around his cock, her pert perfect breasts and nicely defined arms close enough to reach for. Incredibly erotic. You truly feel as if she's staring at you.

Thankies for the review <3 Im happy you loved it <3

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This is really hypnotic. The POV really gets you into the scene and Lexi's eyes are soooo pretty. Well worth it.

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Incredibly hot. The soft, feminine moans drive me over the edge, and her body is perfection: the slim but defined arm and its tattoo, the rosy nipples against the flawless pale skin. The crescendo toward the shaking, shuddering orgasm. It's only three minutes, but by the end, I'm so hot I just want to lick and suck the cum from her slim pretty hand.

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Nice video. The hands-free cumming is a really hot moment, and god what a beautiful body, the flat, defined muscular stomach, the perfect, smooth flat chest, the little pink nipples, the long slim legs. Love the striped socks and striped opera-length arm warmers, too. The video does make me wish it had sound (in her 'Riding and Cuming' video, her high, soft moans are incredibly erotic). And I wish the camera angle showed her face: she is soooo pretty: porcelain-skin emo-girl perfection. But it's definitely worth buying -- watching her cum made me cum.

Cristy Noir Apr 23 2017

Happy you enjoyed <3 I recorded this long time ago when i didnt had enough confidence to show my face but sadly thx to the hormones i wont be able to do anything like this ever again :`(

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Very short but nevertheless very hot. Crystal's body is nothing short of spectacular, and for what must be a hand-held video, it's quite smooth -- and the POV is clever, too: you can see both his cock and hers, too ... her long gorgeous cock you want in your hand, your mouth. As the camera pans over her back, her ass, you imagine your hand running lighly over that smooth creamy skin. What a dream girl.

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Of course, Cristy's just about perfect, but you may know that already. If you love seeing a slender, toned body, smoky eyes looking up at you, glossy black goth fingernails wrapped around a dildo that could be your cock, you've got seven minutes of heaven in your future. But this video adds more magic: you get to hear her whispery, feminine voice, an accent light and exotic all at once -- almost German but not (Czech? I don't know...). She has driven me so very wild before, but this is just beyond. Once you watch this video, hers is a voice you'll hear in your dreams.

At this point i just love reading your reviews they are proly more awesome than my videos lol :D

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Both Lily and Demi are true beauties -- just amazing. And the scene is good campy fun. One thing I don't understand, though: both Lily and Demi have great hair, so why the silly blonde wigs? They are both sooo pretty naturally, the wigs are just a weird distraction. Still, at the end of the day, you gotta love two beautiful girls fucking.

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Kiwi is a a pretty convincing actress, and she's got a wonderful voice. But the best thing is that she is sooo cute. Just a doll.

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Really I couldn't take my eyes away from this video. One, Kiwi so very pretty -- flawless pale skin, pert nipples, long legs, pretty little cock, intense haunting eyes. But two, she adopts the wary attitude of a shy, almost wild creature -- part like she's afraid she'll be discovered, but part spooked like a fawn at the edge of the woods. It's half as if you shouldn't be watching; half as if you want to wrap her in your coat. It's not until very late in the video that she loses herself in her climax. And then ... then there's that slight smile at the end; has she just been teasing this whole time? I don't know if it's a video that will make you cum right away, but it's sooo erotic. It's not at all just a masturbation video; it tells a very subtle and mysterious story, too.

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So hot. I only made it through half the video before I came, started it where I left off later and still didn't make it to the end before I came again. Sasha has a gorgeous body, so defined, so tights; blonde waves tumbling halfway down her back; perfectly trashy makeup. The GoPro POV makes it seem like you're fucking her yourself. A half-hour of heaven.

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This video is just right. Although it's not a long video, Sammantha takes her time, massaging her beautiful cock overhand and underhand, while her tight body rocks with the rhythm of her stroking. At one point she lets go and lets her cock twitch with excitement. Pretty face and a very sexy emo/goth vibe. And she really cums a lot, wow.

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Very hot. Crystal is a very slender girl -- and flexible, allowing her to just touch her cock with the end of her tongue. And what a cock: so pretty, so long and slender just like her. As she talks to the camera, in her feminine but raspy whisper, it just drives you wild. What a pleasure it would be to be there with her, and you feel like you are.

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It's not exactly my genre, but the video is exactly what mukbang is supposed to be. So if you're in the mood to see an incredibly hot girl eating, this will do the trick.

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Crystal is so pretty in this video, a very fashion-model look. And her cock is just amazingly gorgeous. Just an aside: I understand why she would like to wear such a great bra, but it does make me wish she would would make more videos topless -- her body is just beautifully defined and in a way the bra is a distraction.

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This is great. For me, Crystal just has the perfect body, not just super slim but really defined. And what a pretty cock.

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The thing about Demi is that she's both just adorable -- her little giggles, fighting with her hair as she goes down on him -- but also so beautiful ... those big, pretty eyes, that perfect chest. She's just the perfect POV girl, too: by the time she looks your way and asks, in her light little voice, "you gonna cum for me, baby?" you really-really are.

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Both fun and super-sexy. Demi carries the concept flawlessly, without breaking character, from beginning to end. But it's not just arch: it really IS sexy, thanks to her soft, seductive whisper, her wonderfully expressive face, and her gorgeous body. Not only will you probably cum before the end of it, but you'll find yourself thinking about the video long after it's done.

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This really is a good mindfuck. The more you see it, the more you want to see it again.

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I am totally in love with this. Unbelievably erotic at the same time that it's sweet at the same time that it's funny. It's mesmerizing for its whole length; you just can't take your eyes away. After this, I would watch anything Demi does. 10 stars out of 5.

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tscandii is more beautiful with every video. Her newly budding breasts so pert; her pale skin so smooth; her hair, make-up and beautiful face so perfect; her big beautiful cock so gorgeous. She's simply mesmerizing.

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I love watching Lexi get fucked; there's just something hypnotic about her concentration coupled with the little moans that she gives. And with her pale skin and slender, willowy body, she's just such a beautiful woman. Once you see the video, it'll stay with you, and you'll want to see it again.

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Incredibly hot. At the outset, she's focused on the camera, smiling, playing with her perfect breasts, stroking herself, looking to please the viewer, but literally within a minute, she's lost in her own pleasure. It's a short video, but the journey it takes is amazing. And so hot to watch, I barely made it through before cumming myself. I'll watch it again and again.

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Oh my fucking god. The video starts with a shot of Candy's perfect tiny tits, then pans down to her gorgeous, rod-straight, hung cock, then down further as we watch her use her long, slender, manicured fingers to play with her tight pink asshole. She jacks herself until you see a pearl of cum at the tip of her cock. She turns over, letting us see the best ass on manyvids. Three minutes of heaven. You'll jack to this again and again.

second Apr 20 2017
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Incredibly hot. Candy has a perfect body: long legs, flat and well-defined belly with a pierced navel, lovely tattoo along her obliques, smooth tiny ass with a tight rosebud asshole and a cute little mole. Her cock is gorgeous, and she slowly strokes it with her long slender fingers, showing off her perfectly painted acrylic nails. She's got such a pretty face, it's too bad we only see it at the beginning and end. I'll watch it over and over.

First Apr 7 2017
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Candy Delicious is gorgeous, with a taut stomach and a rod-straight cock. I love her hands and nails. This video doesn't show her face or her perfect flat chest, so I'm hoping her next video shows a lot more of her.