:xHiii! check out my kinky profile^^

Thanks for the support! If you have the time, do you mind giving that clip a review?

Hi there babe🍭💦🌸
I wanted to let you know that if you purchase ANY 3 of my videos you'll get a 10 minute custom solo video from me!!
This deal will be going until 11/11! p.s. add me on snapchat delphoximv

Thank you❤️

Thank you so much for your purchases! If you enjoy please be sure to leave a positive review :* They help a lot! 😊💜

Thanks for buying my vids! I hope you enjoy seeing me get all wet :A

Thanks so much for your purchase! Really hope you enjoy! 😘

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I have seen a lot of bro/sis stuff but this was one of the most original scenarios I have seen in a long time. Loved this vid from start to finish, only thing that might have made it better would be penetration, quite possibly the brother ;). The outfit was incredible and I was actually more turned on by you leaving the top and the skirt on than I would have been with you fully nude.

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Of all the pretty little pussies I have seen, this one is way up there, possibly even the best! Add to that watching her constantly working those pussy muscles while a steady flow of juices come out for the whole video and this video is 100% perfect. Keep up the high quality content Elle! :)

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Absolutely love the way you encourage and describe everything in this video. I have a DNA Crush on someone other than this sort, think you could do something like this but for a s i s t e r?