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Amy Villainous

Luring Disco Dollies to a life of vice..

SeattleUnited States Joined April 2017
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Apologies for the lack of new vids lately; I'm still settling into my new space and need to get furniture for filming!

That's ok. I was wondering what ideas are you planning for your next one

If I see you upload an anal video I'm buying it on the spot.

I'm so happy to see you on here! I've been a fan for years, glad to be able to finally buy vids from you!

I posted my last video before my move on Sunday! All my camera equipment is packed up! I can't want to start filming in the new space!

Ratwere Aug 2

I love you!

I'm moving into a new space this week! Gonna try to squeeze in a new video before the weekend!

love your work

Thank you!

Prokemon Jul 20

Hey Amy I would be also interested in a custom video!

Message me!

Had a momentary hiccup with the vid I made with Dolli, but it should be back up shortly!

Love your content! Leaving you tons of hearts <3

Thank you!

I'm interested in a custom video. Please send me a pm

As soon as I'm all moved into my new space I will start taking customs!

All I can say is are very sexy..I have followed you for years..all my fantasies involve you.

Thank you!

Soft Cell... nice

You keep getting sexier and sexier 😘

WOW Im just amazed I found you on here selling those vids! Im such a big fan of you Amy since you were active on MySpace!

Just dropping in to say hello to a beautiful and sexy lady

You're pretty damn awesome.

Sorry I've been a bit quiet this week. Doing some equipment upgrades! I should have some fun freebies in the next few days!

Are you doing customs?If not, please can you do lots of teasing and cosplay and g/g kissing?Pretty please with sugar on top.

I'd love to do that! Maybe with Dolli?

You read my mind. I think thats a DEFINITELY with Dolli cosplay tomfoolery. Thanks

Cattie Jun 17

You are so darn pretty!! Left you <3s ~xoxo~

Aw, shucks!! Thank you!!! <3 you back!

Been a fan for a long time, love ur work!

Should I make a vid dressed as my dark elf character next? What sort of trouble should she get into?

Lots of trouble please.

Dark elf, then maybe in the future you could do one in the devils outfit

Having sex with someone?

I'd like to, but don't really have anyone aside from Dolli Haze! :P

That would be awesome! Dolli and you!

Also maybe a video talking dirty or making out with someone or another tongue video?

Slowly getting things set up here. Stay tuned!

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Google Amy Villainous, I've been around. Ultra busty, BBW goth girl who loves to get nerdy and dirty! Expect a lot of erotic cosplay, fantasy costumes, and sexy gothy-ness from my photos and vids. I would love to take custom selfies and make custom vids for you!

I'm into: breast worship/nipple clamps/nipple sucking, tentacles, sounding like a hentai girl, eating pussy, spanking/flogging, heels, stockings, sensual play, pole dancing, cumming


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