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I'm a good little slut who loves having her holes gaped, used and destroyed!

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Have ordered from you in the past. Please message me (if it works) or post your business email so I may provide details for a custom JOI video.

Thank you!

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Hi I'd love to get a couple of custom vids while your preggo pls pm if you can thanks💓

Please put some of ur old and beat up fullbacks and granny panties in ur store. I would love a couple of pairs with a custom vid. Pm me back as soon as you can

Just wanted to let you know that the link in your About section links to the wrong tumblr.

Zadonius Feb 15

Hey there sexxxy ! PLEASE do me the kind favor of messaging me back ! We talked about a custom and I wanted to finish discussin the details but this website has a BULLSHIT feature where I guess you can't message someone if they make theit profile for "premium" members something -_- (STUPID). ANYWAYS PLEASE message me so we can discuss final deets ! Thanks Much ! -Z

How much for a custom vid?

Click on custom vids on my profile all info is there

Message me of your open for a custom

Hi, in the first place I wanna say I'm just so amazed by your work! 2nd I hope you will feel better soon! BTW I'm quite curious when you give birth to know if it hurted less because of your pussy being trained so well! I think It will hurt way less because in all your vids you just gave proof how your pussy is SO STRONG like WONDER WOMAN! <3

Roxelana Jan 21

Hello, glad to hear that you finally became pregnant! I admire your titanic work on the degradation and dilatation of your vagina, and therefore I have great respect for your hard work.

I feel it my duty to inform you that your work is brazenly stealing https://thisvid.com/search/?q=PFQ

I love you and I hope you continue to destroy your vagina!

Thank you so much it has been removed :)

Hi! i'm new here, you are so cute !
I, left you some hearts! Please return the favor when you get a chance! Hi! welcome to the site, left you some hearts! Please return the favor when you get a chance! :bedazzled:

Hey all!!! SO SORRY I’ve been on a bit of a hiatus! Breaking the news to all of you now so y’all understand! I’m PREGGO! 😁 still early 10 weeks! Which honestly means for the past honestly 6-7 weeks I’ve been basically just eating and sleeping! I don’t have “morning sickness” I have ALL day sickness! 🤢 so it’s been a really rough go to “feel sexy” or even horny, honestly I’ve just been too sick and trust me the hubby is feeling the blue balls too! Lol So the 1st trimester is coming close to ending and Crossing my fingers 🤞🏻 That 1- the nausea subsided and 2- everything I’m reading about being super horny and wet in your 2nd trimester is true!! Planning on making lots of vids and getting back at tumblr as much as I can! Thanks for being my loyal fans! ❤️💕


Single most 😍😍😍woman on MV!!!!.....! Hands down my new favorite girl. Her vids are “MUST SEE”!!!

Thanks 😍

revfreak Nov 23

Would you please messag2 me in reference to a custom?

grimlin2 Nov 21

Hi Alexis, would you like to do a custom vid? Send a message so we can discuss, Thanks! :D

Hello! Very interested in a custom video. Please message me to discuss. Thanks alot!

I'd love to discuss a custom from you ::) if you're interested plz send me a msg

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I'm a petite 5'0, 112lb slut, who absolutely loves gaping, using and abusing my holes! Follow my Blog on tumblr, I AM PREGNANT, Get your custom vids now before its too late! !


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Dark Brown

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Natural 28F


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About Average