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usa United States Joined May 2017

i would love a custom PM message me if you are interested. Thank you!

Thank you for your vote, I've voted for you, too, and I left my hearts to your new videos and photo! <3 Can you see it this time?

Idk but thank you. 😊

I bought lots of vids from this super gorgeous woman. She's so hot, don't be surprised if you cum before you finish watching your vid. Her gorgeous face and hot body along with her sexy voice will make you cum in no time. Buy from her and only her, your cock will thank her every day. What are you waiting for go buy lots of vids now.

Thank you so much. I had fun making you exploded to my custom videos I made with you. I hope to get my big fat ass even bigger for you. Hope you and your cock stay hard and stroking just to me😊 lol

Hello, Ms. hannahnate96: my name is L. Llewellyn James and I would like to ask to make a custom video, at a running time of at least 10-20 minutes .  In essence, I'm not looking for any sexual imagery: rather, I would simply like to have you pose nude in a few classic art poses that are generally struck by art models for illustrators (as I am an illustrator and would like to simply illustrate you).

If you could please contact me either here or via my email at, I would send you some examples of the sort of poses I would be able to use...

messaged you at both. excited to do this for you :D i love doing different fun videos i hope to chat soon

Don't hesitate ordering a custom video. I ordered 3 all in the same day. Working on my 4th vid idea. Yes, she's that good you won't regret it, believe me.

Thank you so much 😊

You're very welcum!

🤣 hope you'll vote for me too. Got a special going on for paid votes.

I ordered a custom vid and it was perfect, She's so gorgeous and said what I wanted her to say in the vid and even said stuff that I was thinking. It's like she read my mind. Will order more vids from her. Order your vid from her you won't regret it.

Thank you so much I enjoyed making it for you hope you have a wonderful weekend 😘🤗

Hi, can you email me about custom vid questions?

Hi, I'm interested in ordering a Jeans wetting custom? Can you message me to see if this is something you would consider?


I am out in town I tried messaging you but it won't work for some reason. I am interested I can make tomorrow I'll message you when I get home. Be there soon

🙏 thanks for the vote you pretty lady!! Good luck to you also!

Thank you 😊 so much. My second Month on this site liking it so far 🤗

Hi! Thank you for your vote! I've voted for you and I've just left my hearts to your profile, about page and first page of videos. :)  Hope you can return me some love and I'll heart all your videos and photos, too! <3 Let's help each other grow! ;)

All done🤣

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can do 4k videos now and 1080p :D

All old videos on sale from 3.99 or marked down off normal price

All my panties come with one day worn :D

I love doing odd and fun custom videos

i am a young happy girl. always online most days ready to be naughty and love to help people get off. I am 21 and have a girlfriend. I like guys just as much as girls but i miss a big cock in my wet holes and love to talk about it and masturbate with big cocks :D


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1996-08-23 (21)






Community College ( Focus in business )




American United States

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36" 34" 40"

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Natural 36DDD


4'9" or 145 cm


165 lbs

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