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I don’t take hormones, I think a woman is an experience and emotions


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Can u send me a message?
Lola - are you still doing customs?  If so please DM me.  Thanks
Hello! In the future, would you be willing to make a private custom video for me?
Hello, I would like to see you pegging while watching and licking porn mags like Cheri, High Society, Club or Taboo. Finish with a cum licking from porn mags.  Are you available for this kind of custom video?
Hello can you make a coustom video were yu and your freind use Sterile Medical gloves , make sex, handjob, Fisting Blowjob . all used Sterile Medical gloves and Change 3-4 Times the Gloves in the Video . Like paintet Fingernails. Can you make this
Hey Lola! I was wondering if you would be open to making an sph video? As you're both a girl and have a big dick, I would be very interested in seeing you do that.  -Lou