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"She's got a ticket to ride, She's got a ticket to ride" -The Beatles

CA United States Joined May 2017

If your doing customs please DM me.

MoeDoe Oct 6

Hi! Are you interested in a custom? Please pm me

bobbyjr2018 deleted Oct 2

Hey sexy PM about a custom plz thx

Hi, I am hoping you have Levis, YMI, Hollister, or American eagle jeans if not please let me know what brands you have that are tight medium to light faded blue jeans that you could wear with them pulled up as high as you can get them standing legs together showing off how amazing your figure looks in your tight jeans.  You don't have to dance or move around a lot just showing the full on booty shots, side views, and frontal of how epic you ass looks!  If you have more jeans I would love to see you like that in each pair of tight faded medium blue  to light blue jeans.  I think it will be very successful!  PM me.  Thanks

christot Sep 12

We spoke about a custom a few months ago but you didn't get back to me. I was wondering what the problem was?

Swedon Aug 16

How dirty can you make your panties?

mush50 deleted Jul 29

Do you like scrapple?

tennis09fan deleted Jul 9

Can you pm about a purchase?

Hey there...when you get a chance, please PM me about doing a custom vid...Thank You!

RokyBlue May 29

Hello pretty! I buy one pantie last week! thanks

Thank you so much for buying a pair of my panties babe!

I have an idea for a custom. Pm me.

christot May 26

Please message me about a custom.

Showing love

hi, can you pm me to discuss a custom?!

Do you ship to Australia

I can what items did you want?

School girl skirt

How much for a custom vid?

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