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I will no longer be contributing to anyone on this site going forward. Read my profile for why.

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Won't manyvids protect their customers and reimburse you?

If you ever decide to come back to MV, id love for you to check out my content. <3 I am sorry for your inconveniences. :(

Please read my profile section to see how KittyKatLuna steals from me, her top contributor in the last contest.

Because of her actions, I will not be contributing to anyone going forward on this site.

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Hey sweetheart. Thanks for the love. I sent so back your way!

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I had an sickening encounter with the MV girl KittyKatLuna. After giving her 1000 votes during the last contest, being the polite person good natured I am. I received a inappropriate message from her about not helping her enough, and that I helped someone else with more than her. She also held my first order with her ransom to force me to give a lot as possible during the contests.

She has no intention of sending me anything I bought from her. What a horrible person!




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