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Make it rain on me?

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Can you do a new updated measuring video with a standard tape measure? Not the metal kind, please. Have a great day Princess!

helmer Sep 20

Welcome on MV!! do you make custom video pelase. if you are interresetd message me??

Do you do custom videos? Would love to make a request.

Are you married

I would do anything just to take you out on one date and to just say I know you.

You are hot and sexy. I love your performance. <3<3<3

showing love.. lovely body

I've been following you for some time now and you get sexier every day ran across these and I'm addicted. 😘😘😘😘🍑

Nice vids.. showing love.

Absolutely gorgeous! It is always refreshing to see a woman show off her womanly figure!

Lover of peace
Lover of peace deleted Aug 21


rev2017 Aug 16

why did you delete your insta?

Love your work. We like'emnthick in Texas :)

awesome :)

Bigtanda Aug 15

Please message me if you do custom videos

More videos please!

Sending hearts your way

Roxi Red Aug 14

Left you lots of <3<3 gorgeous xx

Showing some MV love! You are gorgeous!! Loving those hips! <3

Hey sweetie can you message me? I have a few questions about your videos? Xoxo

any plan on making a boy/girl video?

Zaddyk Jul 31

Hi. I'm interested in customs. Could you message me please? (: x

Showing love.  Nice vids

rev2017 Jul 28

damn you are sexy
dont ever loose any weight :)

looking forward to more videos

laouli Jul 26

Hi miss
I'm interested for a custom
Can you send me an msg to talk about it?

have a good day

Hey gorgeous, hope all is well! I was wondering if you could grace me with a custom vid? I know a lot of people asked so I don't wanna be annoying, but I didn't see your reply back. So let me know if that's possible. I'd be happy to pay for a short custom vid.

SO happy to finally see you here on MV from IG, without a doubt your my top favorite MV girl! you have my full support :) also message me if your open for doing custom vids, id pay top dollar! thanks!

hey princess ..just want to say first of ..OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. you are incredible ...would you do a custom video me.....


3o5denz Jul 19

Happy to see you here showing some <3 Welcome to MV as well


imso1234 Jul 18

I would pay through the roof for a custom video. DM me?  Or should I DM you? 

shadow23 Jul 15

Hey babe would love a custom video! Can you message me?

Jcole11985 deleted Jul 14

I'm interested in a custom video. Please send me a pm

so very sexy, i cant wait to see more

Message me if your trying to do a few customs for me😋

Hey hon. You're utterly STUNNING! Do you sell fan signs? Drop me a direct message to discuss xx

crazycon Jul 13

Hey :) Do you do Skype shows or custom videos? If so I'd definitely be interested. PM me and we can discuss in more detail. Thanks!

Cori2015 Jul 13

You are a very beautiful woman. I was wondering will you be adding a store to your MV page?

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Im probably the thickest PAWG with the smallest waist and cutest face you'll find here, your search is over.






White / Caucasian


American United States

Hair Color


Eye Color



35" 30" 51"

Breast Size

Natural 28A


5'2" or 157 cm

Body Type

A few extra pounds





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