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Clarabelle Woods

cute, clever, creative | all 50% off vids get archived at the end of 2019! | Snap = xoclarabelle

the mountains United States Joined August 2017

MV True Blue Contest!

TOP VOTER | custom lingerie HD photoset (with part of my face in it!)
If I place top 3, everyone who voted $25 or more in the contest will get:
- a copy of the HD photoset with part of my face in it!
- a copy of Kayla's blue lingerie dildo riding video!

$10 | Hotel Ride in Blue Lingerie vid (one of my bestsellers!)
$25 | entry in my Holiday Custom Video raffle (10-12 minutes)
$50 | panties
$75 | xXx Advent Calendar
$100 | Snap4Ever
$250 | all my solo vids
$500 | you love me

Thank you all so, so much for your support! I'm excited about this one.

Hot stuff! :)

My Crush Club is also 20% off with the code Cla39072, this weekend only!. This months' theme is Cute & Cozy, and there's lots of goodies waiting for you on there right now.

You're amazing babe xxx<3 sending lots of love! Have a nice day xx

a_bill08 Oct 19

Buy this lady's Snapchat! It's the best sub you will ever get!

Soleus23 Oct 10

Can you message me for a gfe custom video

just did! For future reference, I suggest getting one or two of my premades first to make sure you like my vibe and then messaging me yourself. <3

Color Pop Contest

$5 - if you like my ass
$10 - leggings & g-string photoset (previously only for MV Crush Club!)
$15 - new Alice in Wonderland cosplay clip
$25 - two solo vids (under $20 in value each)
$100 - lifetime Snap


This is the first time we've put our g/g content on sale, so if you've been wanting to watch us together, now is the time to do that!

Vote here:

If we place in the top 10, there will be a BONUS surprise for everyone who supported us in this contest!  I will be giving out a prize for my top individual supporter as well -- probably a care package with some polaroids, treats, some poems etc. <3

*Toy Bundle = Sorority Sisters Ride and Cum Together, Kayla Makes Me Cum With Her Magic Wand, Pool Party Threesome, Naughty School Girls Cum With Butt Plugs ($86 value) 

**JOI Bundle = Dildo Fucking Double Orgasm JOI, Threesome Fantasy JOI in our CKs, White Lingerie GG JOI & Triple Countdown, Morning Sex JOI & Cum Together ($110 value)

Let me know if you have any questions!

Double Trouble MV Contest with xoxoKayla

Vote here:


$5 - striptease video with Kayla ($8 value) 
$10 - random solo video
$25 - Dildo Fucking Double Orgasm JOI ($30 value) or 2 solo videos (excluding Epic Ass Edging)
$50 - 4 random g/g videos
$75 - Toys Bundle* (4 videos)
$100 - JOI Bundle** (4 videos) or 1 year of Snap
$150 - Lifetime Snap
$250 - ALL g/g content (320 value!!)

It's SPORTY SEPTEMBER on my MV Crush! If you like yoga pants, sports bras, Calvin Kleins, twerk practice or fit girls, you'll love my Crush this month. <3

rawballa Aug 24

please do a jeans worship vid so I can rest in peace

I have a teasing in skinny jeans video already! Or I'd be happy to do this for you as a custom :)

Back to School Contest (full prizes coming soon!)

$5 - schoolgirl photoset
$10 - random video
$15 - 1 month Snap
$25 - 2 solo videos (excl. Epic Ass Edging!)
$50 - panties
$75 - custom vid (7-9 minutes)
$100 - care package (panties + polaroids + treats etc.)
$150 - lifetime Snap
$250 - ALL my solo videos
$500 - you really like me!

The top voter in this contest will win a virtual "Date Night" with me! We can have supper together, watch a movie, play games, hang out. I don't offer these normally, so this is quite the treat. :D

August is Sundress Season on my MV Crush! 

Dozens of pictures, video clips and GIFs uploaded every month for you to enjoy -- every month will be a new theme and you'll have until the end of the month to save your favorite goodies. I already have 40+ pictures and 20+ video clips up there that will be disappearing on August 1st, so get them while you can. This month will feature a g/g sundress striptease with xoxoKayla, among lots of other content. Starting at $10/month!

Prizes for the Lingerie Contest, 7/4!

$5 - if you like me
$15 - 1 month of Snap (usually $20)
$25 - two solo videos
$50 - panties or a 5-7 minute custom
$100 - Premium Snap/1 year (usually $150)
$250 - ALL my solo vids
$500 - if you really like me!

Prizes for the Summer Splash Contest! 

**ALL paid votes will get a copy of my summertime wet t-shirt video!**


$5 just because
$10 random solo vid 
$15 Premium Snap/1 month (usually $20)
$25 polaroid + note OR 2 solo vids
$50 ALL my outdoor content OR 5-7 minute custom vid
$75 panties + mini video
$100 Premium Snap/1 year (usually $150)
$250 ALL my solo vids
$500 you really like me!

Prizes for the Selfie Star Contest:

$10 random solo vid 
$15 Snap/1 month (usually $20)
$25 polaroid + note OR 2 solo vids
$50 panties + note
$100 Snap/1 year

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My name is Clarabelle, but you can call me Clara. I love spending time outside, being naked and blue lingerie. I don't show my full face, but you might get a glimpse of my nose or lips! PM me about custom vids -- I'd love to make your fantasies come true.

Crush Club -- updated several times a week with THEMED photosets and HD video clips -- old content gets deleted every week or two. December is Holiday Hottie - seasonal lingerie, Christmas lights and tasty treats!

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