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perpetually horny smartass. Direct messages are preferred, i tend not to check my wall posts

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Blondes are fun. Brunettes are naughty. But redheads are my kryptonite.




1973-09-27 (44)






White / Caucasian


American United States

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a house


spoken and written



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Salt & Pepper

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5'10" or 178 cm


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About Average



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Think I was watching too closely, something shot into my eyes.

Omg Dutch how the hell did I miss all of these brilliant reviews!! Thanks!!😘

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Nice job Ashley. For a second or two i was a little worried you might drop the cig or light your hair on fire. Of course you would have put it out with the squirt.

Lol hilarious!! Thanks dutch!

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Ash, can tell you really enjoy being pounded and tossed around as he desires. Perfect little kind of sub. Waiting for the time you can get pinky all the way in your butt. I know you have been practicing.


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Um, cough, cough. Boss, sorry can't go in today, I am blowing chunks and need to stay home. See dude, it's that easy. Now go help poor Ashley


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Ash, not sure whether I want to help or make you spend more time at home alone.

I can see where that might be a tough choice I’m at home alone enough  u should help out....

I can’t believe I haven’t seen this review. Thanks Dutch ☺️

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Like the purple hair. That's a big dildo to use for anal training. But I can definitely tell you enjoy having your holes plugged.

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Right kind of tiny naughtiness here folks!! Nice vid

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Amazing body. Always important to have the dildo stuck to the shower wall, ready and available to be used when needed. Good planning. Nice tease, ending it when you did.

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First great vid. Heidi as we know has an amazing body, and this vid demonstrates how toned she is. Nice start with sexy attire. Little strip tease into riding the dildo from different angles, and every one of them hot. And does she get all kinds of creamy. And a great "big O-moment" finish on her back. Am so jealous of her man.

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Brilliant business move on selling this one. And great set of vids.

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Really hot look. Wish my friend's wife provided me this service. Back dimples, sexy. You do know how to bang. What is even sexier is you seem to enjoy be used and banged. Really pretty eyes. That point where he says come f*** me and you respond with "How do you want me?" So, damn hot!!! Have to say, I would love to have a "Steph_Leen Experience" of my own. That would be memorable.

Wow, thanks babe 💋💋

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Great weather for a vid. Clouds in the background create the perfect contrast to your skin. Cute bikini by they way. Redheads are the best.

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Really cute outfit. One heck of a production for this vid. Great vid. Really enjoyed it.

Thank you !!!

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Love the outfit. Nice legs. Nice hair. Nice how you start to buck a little more as it start to build. That smile at the camera at about the 4:30 mark was super hot. Love the post-vibrator twitching. Would have liked to see those nice breasts of yours. Great vid.

Awee thank you so muchh!! :A<3<3

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OMG! First the look is hot, sexy hot. Your voice is perfectly sexy. I could listen to you talk all night long. Love the ponytail. Outfit is super hot. Thigh highs just really are a turn on. The way your eyes rolled back in your head when you were sitting was unbelievably hot. The on-the-knees twerking at the end was a great exclamation point. Oh, and that smile and little giggle. Yeah, you know what you are doing to guy. And I enjoy every second of it.

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Kinda made me giggle when watching. You amazingly hot and sexy in that cute and fun way. Your facial expressions in this vid are funny.

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Beautiful hair. Wonderful voice, soft and soothing. That is one amazing bum. And it just goes right in. That was an awesome vid. Wish I had a wife that would take care of me that way.

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Not for nothing, but i would not have been able to hold out either. Once you got your lips around the cock I knew you were going to win that one. Although I'm not really sure he lost after getting that head, and then having sex. The interaction between you two is great!

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You two have an amazing amount of trust with each other. That was a whole lot of wet squirting there. Did the towel even help? Awesome vid Hayley.

No, the towel did nothing lol, in fact if you ever get around to getting "My First Blowjob," you'll see that it opens with the FINISH of this video. The sheets are soaked and I get a stern talking too about getting the bed wet:H:/

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Really enjoy the work you put into your vids. Your work is underrated. Really nice strip tease. Reverse cowgirl action was really hot. That was an amazing orgasm.

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Love the hair braid. First vid of yours I have seen. Great body. Great butt. Awesome how you have a vibrator outside and lovense inside and you use fingers to help get you all the way there. And that was an amazing squirt.

I just "re" read your review. Never is too late to say THANK YOU :D

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That voice is good lawd sexy!! Your intro has a feel of . . . I can't quite place my hand on it. A game i played. PC game. Unimportant. That voice will be in my dreams to night. Where is this tavern? OK, i am in love with your legs and backside, and you know what? I love the entire package. That dark hair on your skin, and those eyes. Wow, you are stunning. The end, on the table, reverse cowgirl shot, was a really nice way to finish. That was one of the best freebies i have seen out here.

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My first Anastaxia vid. Did not disappoint. Great hiney, perfect breasts. Love the pigtails. That was an amazing orgasm.

Thank you sweetie! :D I hope make more cosplay videos soon!

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Going to have to look into getting one of those for the wife.

It’s great but almost a little too intense. Was great to be tied down and forced to have it do its work, but doing it solo without restraints can make it very difficult. Made me insanely wet to be tied down and have it on me. Overall would say my favorite toy right now is this Wireless “Nalone” brand pink wand.

Search Nalone Sinmis Rock 360 Degree Rotating AV Massage Wand Vibrator Masturbator on Amazon. They’re out now but you may be able to find it on other sites or in an actual sex shop, that’s where we found ours. We love using the wand during sex, too. Plus it’s cheaper. The womanizer you can’t really use during sex. AND THE WAND IS WATERPROOF!! Lots of fun in the shower!

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That tattoo on your chest is crazy. Almost like you have 3 sets of eyes.

Thank u)))


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Aka, hey, don't you think i have nice legs and feet? Why yes, yes i do think that.

●●●●● Read Review

Won't that make it a little difficult to have sex?

What is this "sex" thing I always hear about? Does it involve mashed potatoes? ;)

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You got a little something hanging out there. You also have good taste in music.

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Should have added this the first time, why are you panties on inside out?

●●●●● Read Review

Now that is a great ass!!! That seems like one hell of a cardio session.

●●●●● Read Review

Now that looks like a fun game. Sorry I missed that one.

●●●●● Read Review

What is with the watch from 1980? Love the tats. Love the honking horn at almost the same time you cum. Good timing.

●●●●● Read Review

Nice nails. Seems a little too big for the parking space. But it's fun watching you try to get it in.

●●●●● Read Review

Great vid. The black and white theme was a really great idea. The oral was great.

●●●●● Read Review

Wow. After watching that i need a cigarette a cold shower and a hooker all at the same time. Love the way you moan.

●●●●● Read Review

Another awesome vid!! I was ready to give you a raise two minutes in. At 5 minutes in I was ready to make you my boss. At the end, I'm ready to beg!! LOL!! Great ending!! Talk about making a guy want more.

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Yet another amazing vid Scarlett. Just wow is all i can say.

●●●●● Read Review

What a vid. And you were really whacking yourself pretty good too.

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That was one of the hottest solo vids I have seen. And one of the best solo orgasms I have ever seen.

Thank you so much babe!:x

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You are absolutely crazy in the most fun kind of way!! Good thing Albertson's does not have cameras.

●●●●● Read Review

Tori, I'm going to keep asking until you say yes, but when can i clone you? Amazeballs! Love how you give head. And the way you moan would bring any man to his knees.

Thank you... Until they invent cloning this is the best I can do 😂