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Thank you love <3

Thank you so much for all the live 🤗🤓❤ Please let me know if you need anything at all!!

Thanks for all the love! <3 i love ramona flowers by the way, i probs dye my hair as much as she does ;)

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so pretty and the way she looks at the camera the whole time is wild. i love all her vids.

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great. absolutely worth watching. i thought it was so hot.

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Nikki and Camille are gorgeous, catty and tease in the beginning. it only gets better from there. absolutely hot.

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truly perfect. teases and changes panties. love it.

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i want to eat that cookie too. its official, i will watch camille do anything and it will be hot. beautiful as always, even in a diaper(cant believe i am saying this).

LOL! no shame :D

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Again not my thing but, my god, camille looks great and is so hot in this. everything she does is, not only worth watching, MUST SEE.

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love her. she looks incredible. hair in tails and glasses so cute. then it goes to 11 and it gets HOT.

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she is in yoga gear and absolutely stunning. love her eyes, could watch this or repeat

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Did not make it to the ride. fuck. just fuck. she is so hot in black lace and getting out of it. every part of is sexy as hell and her voice and the way she talks.

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she is perfect. she is in the shower and she is smoking hot. gives a rear view with glances and talking over her shoulder. so yeah. just yeah.

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Sucia get down on nikki. this is fuckin hot.

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yeah. just yeah. goes off at the bus stop. didnt see the end.

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looks great walking around the pool. vid is worth it just for that. then it gets even better

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love this for a number of reasons. we get to hear her talk a little more than normal. she is very pretty when not made up, not necessarily better but as captivating as ever. i like when she braids, ties back or puts her hair up(again not better than hair down but different). very cute.
like many of her other vids, i am not into the genre. in fact i have never watched nor bought a shaving vid till now. for me, everything she makes is must buy.

This has to be the sweetest review ever.. thank you!! I will take notes ;)

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this is fucking hot. love her watching videos and legitimately getting off. she looks incredible.

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very beautiful obvious very real. she is one of my favorites.

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guided tour of camilles body. love the insight into all her tattoos. the back of the neck and shoulders are one of my favorite spots on a girl and we get to linger there. it is stunning. she is beautiful.

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soo hot. camille is so pretty in this and watching her glaze herself and great. love all her vids.

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looks gorgeous. watching her ride is a treat. must watch.

Thanks babe :x

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absolute incredible deal. just a huge amount of beautiful and hot.

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had the second part for awhile and finally bought the first. Gorgeous as always. while the second part is obviously more X, i love watching her just being hot(and spanking herself). do yourself a favor and just get both parts.

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Camille teases while giving a constant view of her ass which is as perfect as the rest of her. this is so hot. listening to her while watching her gorgeous ass sway is soooo hot.

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watching her blowing up balloons. she is beautiful and looks great so.

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looks gorgeous as usual. balloons. still not sure i see the whole balloon thing. watching her pop them is great though, soooo cute. you really have to see it.

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she is almost too perfect and sweet. so pretty and just seems like everything she does is, this is hard to explain, very normal and innocent. believe me it works and is unbelievably hot. she looks into the camera different, moves different carries herself differently than anyone i have seen and, imo, has to be experienced.

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not my thing(the theme) still sucia looks unbelievable and the talking when shes getting off. too much goodness.