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This is a easier version of Mae's jerk off marathons but it is definetly not an easy jerk off game to complete. Mae is such an tease talking sweet dirty things while giving you detailed instructions. She is very beautiful woman and she shows you every bit of his amazing body. Video quality is really good as is sound and editing. Very good video!

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This pro edition is for pro masturbators. You think you can fap? Well here Mae propably makes you cum prematurely. I have got only to 35 mins! Video quality and sound quality are very good and Mae is so lovely. Easily 5/5!

Beach Babe JOI Sep 8 2017
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Mila gives you a nice JOI/JOE here. If you like girls with petite body, I think you cant go wrong here.

The video is custom made but it really doesn't break the illusion. There is a bit of belly button fetish but most of the time Mila squeese his tits spread his ass and pussy and talk dirty to you. Speaking of his ass, it is really nice but when you turn your back to camera your voice goes down because your not facing the mic. That coud be one area to improve. Another area to improve is the guiding to jerk off, as this was a bit more jerk off encouragement than real JOI. Maybe it was because custom video, i dont know. Anyway throw in more your hand motion how to jerk off and more verbal guiding too.

I really liked this video and Mila as he has good attitude and so nice body and face tho improvment can be still made on guiding part. Im deffinetly going to buy more of her videos!

Solid 4/5

Thanks for the review and critique!! I plan on remaking this video soon with higher quality video, sound and more~ xoxo Mila Rose <3

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Super hot video! I still cant handle this all the way to the end :D Strongly recommend to get this one.

Thank you so much :)

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Mystie Mae is so adorable and sweet girl and i think she gives just perfect jerk off instructions. Nice little detail is that even she is so sweet and innocent looking girl she still gives a couple nice views of her asshole for us. The video is well filmed and sound and picture quality is top notch. So if you are planning to give yourself a bit personal time there is no reason why you shouldn't spend it with Mae.

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This was a very enjoyable hour with Brea. I love her body which is perfect. Brea is so tender when giving jerk off instructions and its great to jerk at the same pace as she is. Video and sound quality are not very good and that why only 4/5. I love egde with Brea!

I have resolved both of these issues now, thanks

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Her choise of music is good, her moves are good and her ass is masterpiece if you like small petite ass. I fell in love in her because how well this video combines sexy natural dancing and nice ass. She also spread her ass cheeks in a cute way and not spreading it wide open, I like that!

If you like to wank for cute girls with good mood dancing and showing nice ass, this is an easy choise. Go and grap it!