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Very Hot short. I like the body writing and dirtytalk. I definitely recommend the vid.

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Roxy gets mesmerized by a huge cock, and starts worshiping it with blowjobs and dirtytalk. In the end there is a simulated cum inflation. Very good vid give it a buy.

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A combination of my favorite scenes/positions.
Blowjob + cum-shot and then masturbating with her fingers and a dildo + cum-shots over and over(a nice big mess), on top you get a lot of dirty talk throughout the whole scene.
Go get this vid, it is fantastic.

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Kimberley delivers a fantastic performance in this video. If you like some RL Hentai, or a lot of Cum shots, or you are just a fan of Kimberley definitely get this video. You see how much work she puts in every video, and this is no exception. The awesome editing and the small details (very time she is controlled her eyes change) are just some things to point out.

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Another great vid. The masturbation, and dirty talk are very hot. The ahegao faces are perfect. Valerie looks fantastic as Mary Jane. (also if she is not Mary Jane ^^)
Hot masturbation, dirty talk, ahegao faces an a lot of cum lube, give this vid a buy it is fantastic.

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Dr. Cox strikes again. If you love, messy playing with cum action, allot of dirty talk and some dick growth. That is definitely the vid for you.

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If you like submissive girls, (ultra) huge cumshots, playing with cum, dirtytalk, ahegao faces this is the vid for you. Buy it, you can't go wrong with this vid. Great performance, and really a lot of cum.

Thank u for review, it was such a fun idea!

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Another great dick growth vid. Alot of cum, dirty talk, and fucking. Also I love Roxy's Succubus outfit.

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She does a fantastic job, throughout the whole vid. My favorite part is when she blows the dildo, it stretches her mouth almost like a "blow job face" from your favorite hentai. Then while the dildo stretches her mouth it pumps her mouth full of cum.
I will not spoil you the whole vid but if you are a fan of ahegao faces, dirty talk and playing with cum. This is the vid for you.

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Another fantastic vid from the "Cumslut Training" series. Geisha and Roxy are awesome. If you like the other parts of the Series now you see how headmistress Roxy trains a student. It great start for Roxys first G/G vid, I hope there a much more to come.

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Perfect part 2. After the guy from part 1 (www.manyvids.com/Video/951855/I-am-your-schoolcumslutendless-cumshots/) impregnated a lot of girls he got in trouble with the teacher. He does not believe that he is the one fucking all those girls .... until she saw his cock. She fucks him and plays with his multiple huge loads. She came so many times and is covert in cum. The result is unmatched.

Also unmatched Nicole's dirty talking with her sexy accent, she is fantastic. In the end she whats to help him build his harem that is so hot! Everyone buy this video! if you are a fan on one of those things, Nicole's sexy body, beauty full accent, ahegao faces, impregnation fantasy's or all kinds of dirty talk.

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This Vid is fantastic. You see Nicole as a sexy schoolgirl, who gets more and more crazy for cock. A lot of cum and cumshots, ahegao face(s) and dirty talk. Go buy this vid!

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She deepthroats the dildo multiple times and uses the spit to masturbate with her pussy. She gets extremely wet and sloppy throwout the video. Fantastic Vid.

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A lot of dirty talk, and messy blowjobs. If you like that you should buy it.

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Fantastic Vid, with one of the best closeup masturbation scenes. Also a lot of cum. Everyone should buy it.

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Fantastic vid. Can totally recommend her if you want a custom vid or her vids. I will order again.