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Lexxxi Loveee

I'm a 19 year old slut, who loves cum, dick, and getting the shit fucked out of me.

Joined September 2017

Hey!  Great profile.  If you are interested in having another hot cock at your disposal check out my profile I'd love to make some new content!

Hotwife Apr 17

Sharing some LOVE 😍

i would love to discuss a custom :) thanks

laouli deleted Feb 4

Hi miss
I'm interested for a custom
Can you send me a private message (next to "reply" the 3 small points) or your email to talk about it?

have a good day

Hey there...when you get a chance, please PM me about doing a custom vid,,,Thank You!

Gawddd, I am soaking wet and need to be treated like a cumdumpster by a group of older men who want to just dump a load of cum in a teen pussy!

Exp39a Jul 1

Ready help!

Hello, how's everyone enjoying My vids? I should be uploading a bunch more soon:)

Dollars00 Dec 4 2017


portos42 Oct 18 2017

Hey sexy, on porn hub I read a message where you had a snapchat, but I don't see it here under store.

jrysanka Oct 15 2017

Hey, any chance you guys do customs for couples?

Yes I can do customs, come Dm me at porn hub babe!

Lexxxi Loveee Oct 14 2017

Hey sexies, check out my latest blow job 69 video with an oral creampie:)

FreakyRyan deleted Oct 12 2017

selling panties? pm me interested price?

Lexxxi Loveee Oct 7 2017

Hello everyone,

I just uploaded my newest two videos, other than my blow job scene, I personally think these are my best 2 videos to date.! please buy them and support me so I can help pay my tuition for next semester.

Lexxxi Loveee

Lexxxi Loveee Oct 1 2017

hey everyone. Please come and check out my videos and let me know what you think. I am very new to this and would love some attention!

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