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Ohio United States Joined October 2017

Hi, I am hoping you have Levis, YMI, Hollister, or American eagle jeans if not please let me know what brands you have that are tight medium to light faded blue jeans that you could wear with them pulled up as high as you can get them standing legs together showing off how amazing your figure looks in your tight jeans.  You don't have to dance or move around a lot just showing the full on booty shots, side views, and frontal of how epic you ass looks!  If you have more jeans I would love to see you like that in each pair of tight faded medium blue  to light blue jeans.  I think it will be very successful!  PM me.  Thanks

New post! I wanted it rough. Shove a couple of toys deep in my ass and spank me like I deserve it. Come enjoy this booty luv.

foxlogo Aug 15

Can you message me when you get a chance please. Would like to ask you a question about custom.


The pleasure of pushing out a hot toot can only be enhanced with an new vibrator making me cum. When the 2 meet, the FARTGASM was is born. Watch my pussy gape and asshole vibrate as my FARTGASMS intensify!

New BUSTED vid posted

Hello can you please in box me, I have a custom I would love for you to do!! Thank you.

New MV Crush update

I like my drinks carbonated. Some add soda. Some buy expensive machines to get the fizz.. Me on the other hand, I use all natural booty bubbles. You will be amazed by this one. I should have called 1 butt 1 cup!

#toots4tips Everyday that I raise $50 in tips I will produce a new toot video the following day for purchase! $1 per follower will let me know you want more content! So TIP4TOOTS!!

Yay!! can’t wait to smell it....your farts give me a boner

Extr Dirty Panty Ready to ship in store

55 inches posted feature toot full

New..55's Tied and Tooted Preview is updated

New Custom with Bad Dragon Surprise posted..💋

can u inbox me? I have a question..

Bad Dragon video uploaded. Members only.

Message me so I can message you about potentially order custom video

Fart Box 4 EXTREME will be posted in a few minutes x_x

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Fetish Model


1989-10-31 (28)




Bachelor’s ( Focus in Nursing )


White / Caucasian


American United States

Lives in




Eye Color



5'7" or 170 cm


235 lbs

Body Type

A few extra pounds