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Vegas Escort is one of my favorites! Enjoy!

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Love your Vids!!

Thanks for the <3!

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This is another excellent vid from Bunnie Hughes! One of my favorite qualities of her vids is the way she weaves stories, acts them out, and performs sexually. As always her performance is fantastic but the story here is just incredible. Very extreme taboo Daddy, impregnation, age play and even something extra! Excellent drity talk, angles and production! This is my FAVORITE of all her Daddy roleplay vids and I highly recommend this to fans of the genre and any Bunnie fans out there!

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The title of this vid says it all! Everything about this vid is SUPER fucking hot!!! High quality filming, excellent angles, sexy lingerie, and INTENSE performance. Hayley is the perfect cumslut in this: beautiful, submissive, highly skilled, and will make you believe in a higher power. Really love this one and made me want to keep getting more of her vids. Total fan and you will be too after you get this film!

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This vid is SUPER hot! Great story line with a steady and intense build up through the 3 scenes until the rough finish. Great intimate shots and the way Hayley's performance evolves is fantastic! She has an innocent look but really brings the dirty through out. Definitely one of the best in my collection!

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This is one of the best vids on ManyVids...period! Super high production, rivaling the quality of studios like Evil Angel. Hayley's beauty and performance is outstanding and her performance as a Daddy role play sub is second to none. Their chemistry is amazing which really raises the level of intensity and energy of this custom, something that's pretty rare in porn, IMHO. Just another excellent vid from them and I'll look forward to their future vids. For those that love lingerie, hard sex, and DDLG this vid is for you!!!

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This is an INCREDIBLY fucking hot video! This has to be by far my fav. Gingerspyce is SUPER hot in this... it's got everything: sexy lingerie, tons of filthy talk, messy makeup from BJ, excellent solo angles of fucking, and a crazy squirt finish at the end! For fans of her vids this is an absolute must-have. For those of you new to her vids, can't think of a better way to get introduced!!

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Emma's vids are amongst the best on MV and this is no exception. IMHO this is her best offering so far and that's saying a lot. As always, the performance and quality are top-notch. As always she is beautiful, SUPER sensual and, erotic AF. And as the title suggests, Emma really brings on the innocent and naughty as well... PERFECTLY. Lots of Daddy play, dirty talk, and intimacy vibe. There are lots of close ups of her beautiful face and expressions for those enchanted, as well as plenty of close-ups of her naughty parts for those lusting after her. This is a must have for all you "Daddies" and Emma Chase fans out there... you will not be disappointed!

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Emma's vids are amongst the best on MV and she doesn't disappoint with this one. The mood, outfit, dirty talk... everything are stellar!!! As always, the quality of the shoot and the performance are top notch ESPECIALLY if taboo, Daddy role play is your thing. She's beautiful, sexy, innocent, and naughty all at once. IMHO it's her best vid and can't wait for more! Definitely a must-have for all the "Daddies" out there.

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Great B\G video that gives you a glimpse of how fucking LUCKY you would be to be her man. Great sex and angles. Love the amateur vid vibe to this!

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Incredible strip video with a body that won't stop! Great quality and really captured the VIP room vibe. Please, more like this!

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This is a SUPER hot vid of Brea Rose telling a REALLY naughty story of a mother daughter gangbang. I really loved her narration of the situation and action and as always, she's hot, beautiful, sexy, and filthy all rolled in one. Excellent masturbation and lingeries. Definitely a must have for fans of Brea and this genre!

aww thank you <3

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Loved this Escort POV vid! Bunnie's performance is amazing as always. She is a true talent the way she portrays different character types in her vid and in this scene she is a sensual confident woman that has come to please you in every way. Great POV angles that make you feel like you're right there and lots of dirty talk coaxing you right towards the end. As always she's totally hot and sexy... the perfect escort.

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Have been a huge fan of Julie Skyhigh for a while now, both for her sexual power and elegant taste in fashion! Love the themes of her vids (typically the escort ones) but this one is especially hot. The action is excellent as is the quality of the vid. I'm NEVER disappointed with her content and LOVED this new release!

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Just discovered GoAskAlex and really LOVE this vid. Not sure if this was made to intentionally be part of a 3-part along with Aquafilia and Botanical Agony but the visual style and quality of these vids are exquisite.. as is her performance. Definitely has the ArtCore vibe but is highly erotic and beautifully filmed. Highly recommend and look forward to more of her work!

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Not sure how this vid has not yet been rated, but it's FANTASTIC! Daddy and Ageplay themed, this is another excellent story with incredible dirty talk and sim sex. Brea looks cute and sexy hot all at the same time! Love this video and will be back for more!

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I'm new to LegendaryLootz's vids, but am glad I finally made the discovery. The content is excellent in quality and she is wicked hot!! Her voice and body are equally addictive and high definition really brings you up close. Excellent video and will be buying more!

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Hands down this is Brea Rose's best vid to date! She has a lot of excellent vids available with the Daddy role play them but her last two long films are just tops. As always, she is cute, sexy, gorgeous and lethally dirty, but REALLY levels up in this one. Told in thee parts, she plays the part of a bratty daughter out to do whatever she wants, a submissive girl that just wants the attention from and to be used by her Daddy, and finally an escort cast out convincing her Daddy to take her back home. Her dirty talk and story telling is only outmatched my her blowjob and fucking throughout the vid. If you've not tried one Brea's vids out yet, this is the place to start!

Thank you thank you thank you ❤️❤️❤️

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Fantastic collection of Shey's vids! She has that girl next door appeal but is SUPER sexy and dirty. The bundle has everything, POV, Edging, BJ, HJ, Lingerie. Vid and sound quality is excellent! Highly recommend!!

appreciate the the great review!

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Brea is the PERFECT Daddy's Girl in all of her vids. Her shy and innocent demeanor is particularly hot with the naughty things she says. Excellent role play video and her performance is as always top notch! Great dirty talk and anal to boot. Another must have!

Thank you ❤️❤️❤️

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I really love Brea's concept\story vids and this is by far my favorite! It has everything for fans of this kind of roleplay and she looks exceptionally hot in this. Her performance is spot on in this and really brings out the best of the story. Definitely a must have!

Thank you so much ❤️

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Great leggings / yoga pants video. Brea is super cute and naughty in this and her wetness is SUPER hot! Love the shy manner about her and is really fitting with the Easter Bunny theme.

Thank you :)

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I love Meana's supernatural themed vids! This vid has everything, religion, magic, intense sex and her performance is, as always, TOP NOTCH! Another great video from her and will leave you wanting more. Also recommend her Succubus themed vids.

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Meana's videos are always high quality in both performance and craftsmanship. Her Daddy roleplay vids are my favorite (though her Succubus seductions vids come a close second). This video has a bit of both in that there is a playful and innocence vibe in the beginning that switches a bit to femdom in blackmailing her Daddy to give her what she wants. Excellent video as you can always expect!

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Super Hot, Short, and Sweet! Hayley shows off her incredible BJ skills and looks amazing doing it! (I particularly liked her outfit and makeup in this one) True to the description, she deepthroats like a dream cum true, captures you with all her Daddy roleplay talk, makes a complete mess of herself, and takes a solid cumshot at the end. Perfect vid!

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Emma's vids are amazing in concept and execution. I love the style, everything from her fashion to the filmmaking, in all her vids and this is a particular favorite. High production value, excellent concept, and top level performance. I have a bunch of her vids and this is one of my favorites! Hope she keeps making these concept type story heavy films.

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Bought all 4 parts of this show... Gingerspyce's performance, endurance, and abilities defy belief! The whole show in 4 parts is over 2 hours and it's hard to believe ALL the things she does over the course of the show, rough penetration, squirting, DP, Daddy talk... everything. It's an amazing show and made me come back to get more vids! Unbelievable and a must have for DDlg fans.

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If Daddy Play videos and TONS of cum is your thing, this is the jackpot. Love the dirty talk in this one and am looking forward to more like this from Brooke! She shows off her hot body before taking care of Daddy. And as always, ends up a hot mess... but the good kind. Great dirty talk and cum!

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Brooke's horse cum vid are incredible! What could make this better? Hot lingerie and stockings! Great fucking and sucking and as always, LOTS of cum.

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Originally discovered Rebecca on another site and had to have more. Not only is she SUPER hot, but her filthy side is unbelievable. I really love the mood of this vid and nothing beats her dirty talk and her innocent soft voice. Great roleplay and angles.

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I would buy every vid Jessica Loves Sex makes in this series. The roleplay is fantastic as is her performance. Particularly like the dirty talk in this one and made me want to get a custom vid of my own.

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Great video! Jessica really makes you feel you're a VIP and wish you could REALLY get a private in a Champagne Room somewhere IRL! As always, great quality and great fantasy.

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I love this series of vid from Jessica Loves Sex!! Really captures the fantasy of hiring a SUPER hot hi-class escort. The sex, lingerie, and vibe are ALL excellent as is the quality of the vid.

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Love her Daddy vids! Another great outfit and performance.

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Totally hot performance and the PERFECT HQ Daddy's Lil Monster!