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Joined November 2017

Hello would love to see you do a tight worn faded blue jeans tease with your jeans pulled up high standing legs together showing off how sexy your booty looks in each pair!  Let me know your thoughts.  I think it would be a hot seller.  Thank you!

striz4p Nov 18

Hi KD! Wondering if you offer custom videos? If so please message me!

qutran Oct 15

I want your panties or bra. pretty please? :)

Do you sell socks?

Tried to find this in bio, etc but no luck...do you sell panties?

Hi can I order a custom from you?

Thank you :)

Just found you on Chaturbate, you are amazing.

Love everything about you also follow you on chaturbate you are Absolutely the shit you rock kd

Hi. Please pm me about a video idea?

n_o_x_x Feb 11

I love you KD. Thank you for existing you are wonderful and very very special to me.  Happy Birthday!

Gdogg93 Jan 26

Can you possibly message me I just had a few questions

lloopp Jan 24

Sale panties ?

Any panties for sale?

newforms Dec 20

i wish wish wish you'd do customs ;D you're so beautiful!

MarcB1011 Dec 10 2017

Love it, I look forward to seeing more.

thepassator Dec 5 2017

excellent quality real orgasm KDwow

CaramelLover7 deleted Dec 1 2017

Very sexy can't wait to buy some of you're work beautiful❤

NSTommy Nov 29 2017

You are realy perfect!!!

filthyangel24 deleted Nov 24 2017

love your work....email me

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