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Joined November 2017

Just found you on Chaturbate, you are amazing.

Love everything about you also follow you on chaturbate you are Absolutely the shit you rock kd

Hi. Please pm me about a video idea?

n_o_x_x Feb 11

I love you KD. Thank you for existing you are wonderful and very very special to me.  Happy Birthday!

Gdogg93 Jan 26

Can you possibly message me I just had a few questions

lloopp Jan 24

Sale panties ?

Any panties for sale?

newforms Dec 20

i wish wish wish you'd do customs ;D you're so beautiful!

Love it, I look forward to seeing more.

excellent quality real orgasm KDwow

CaramelLover7 deleted Dec 1

Very sexy can't wait to buy some of you're work beautiful❤

NSTommy Nov 29

You are realy perfect!!!

filthyangel24 deleted Nov 24

love your work....email me

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