It’s your friendly neighborhood MV fangirl! I ❤️ pussies, buttholes & boobies! Let’s get naked!

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Hey there,
I invite you to check out some of my latest content. They include squirting, creampies, footplay, roleplay fantasy, simulated sex, as well as rough fucking and solo shower videos. I would really appreciate getting your feedback on them! I love to make custom videos so if you have any ideas for customs leave me a wallpost so I can know to PM you. 
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Hi there😊

Hi, I’m Cora! I’m new to Manyvids and sending some love your way. Come check me out! :x

Locsmif Apr 27

Thanks for the love and nice comments on my wall. It’s nice to hear others enjoy my reviews and customs.

Hi gorgeous, want to play, would love to

😻 wow hi! Don’t tempt me! 😉💋

I’m tempting you 💋lol

I’ve been thinking that if I’m ever around Toronto, maybe I should look you up 😘

So glad to see you again in my feed:AI hope you loved the most recent vids^.^:x

I sure did! 😻 I really love your look btw. You combine sleek and elegant with cute and sexy so well! I have a such a crush ☺️💋

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Hello Sexy, so excited to know you are a women. Made me  Wet,  Thank you!


It makes me wet knowing I made you wet! 😘 Finally bought some more of your vids and it’s been such a warm sunny afternoon I couldn’t help but indulge in a bit of self exploration while I watched one on my phone out on the patio 💦💋

Hotwife Apr 15

Hello PinkParadise 💋 I would love for you to check me out,  maybe share some love,  or more 🤑

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Hi! I’m Maria (pronounced Mariah like the singer... or the wind lol) and I’m crazy about girls and the boundless pleasures of the female body! Nothing gets me hotter than watching sexy women playing with themselves or each other, so I’m super excited to explore the fantasies and creativity of the amazing women of ManyVids. Thank you so much for sharing your sexiness!

Get it girls!!! ❤️

P.S. This is my place to explore my passion for women, so no requests from men, ok?








White / Caucasian


American United States




It's complicated

Hair Color

Dark Brown

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5'4" or 163 cm


105 lbs

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I cannot explain to you how hot this was to me. I was just laying here on the carpet, watching you play, enjoying the pressure of the seam of my jeans against my clit, pressing harder and harder as you get wetter and wetter until I'm full on grinding my pussy into the floor when you cream... and then you take that silky cum and spread it on your soles... and then between your beautiful toes and oh my god I CAME SO HARD. So... thanks for introducing me to a new kink I didn't know I had! lol Wow. Amazing. Thank you angel xoxoxo

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Tanya is a goddess and watching her play with her adorable booty is a real treat. Video quality is beautiful as always. Thanks Tanya!

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Apparently when you leave a review, MV deletes anything that comes after an emoji, so I’ll try to remember the rest of my review:

Desiree is a matchless sexual beauty and she really shines when she’s enthusiastically pleasuring her pussy. Her blissful smile had my pussy jealously aching for release! Is it possible to have a crush on a clit? Desiree’s hot pink pearl boldly says, “Hi everybody!” throughout her play session. SwOOOoN! This vid is definitely on my “If this was a VHS tape, I’d wear it out!” list. 5/5 licks!

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I love this one so much! It really showcases Tanya's gorgeous body and beautiful pussy. My favorite part is at 6:50 when she giggles after a squirt. <3<3<3

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Cosplay princess Tanya is super cute and sexy as Lucoa from Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid series. I loved watching her play with her fuckmachine. Even if you’re not super into BJ stuff (like me) this is worth adding to your collection as the BJ scene is at the end. xoxo

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Oh. My. God.
This. This is what it’s all about for me. Karma meets multi-talented girl-lover Darcie and we get to see two goddesses FUCK. There’s nothing delicate or coy about it, they wantonly devour each other like only women can. Loud and ravenous, glorying in each other’s flesh. With this kind of energy and chemistry, it should have been 3 hours long at least lol! I really hope these two haven’t satisfied their hunger for each other’s bodies quite yet.

P.S. I was on my parents’ patio while I watched it and while I know they weren’t home, I hope their neighbors weren’t either, because there would be no mistake that I was going to town on my pussy while I watched this! Thank you Karma and Darcie!!!!

Karma_Rx Apr 26

ahhhh why 4 stars for something you loved?!

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Yummmmy!!! Desiree is SOOOO gorgeous and my pussy is a very happy girl after watching her play. Thank you Desiree!!! xoxo

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Girl, I came so hard to the gorgeous sight of you and Sara fucking!!! My pussy and I thank you. My neighbors probably don’t though. I really need to wear headphones when I play

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Oh my god Lexi, so hot!!! You girls got me soooo wet. More g/g pleeeeease? Mmmmmm xoxoxo

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So incredibly sexy! Luxuriate with Alexa as she pleasures her gorgeous pussy and ass with her legs spread wide. Mmmmmmm!!! xoxo

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I love this video! CrazyBella knows how to pose to give you perfect views while she pleasures her creamy pussy!

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Synthia got me so wet, and that's before she even took anything off! Loved it!

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Molly is the cutest! Watching her play with her butthole is so much fun AND she uses the same brand of coconut oil that I do!