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Hi Mr Bobby, many many thanks for your support. Kisses, Nat  :x:x:x

Hiiiiiii!!!! Thank you so much For all the sweetness everywhere, Bobby!!!! 😍😍😍💋💋

You're so welcome 💖

Thank you for leaving me a bunch of ♡♡♡! You made my day!

Happy to do it 💖

<3 thank you!!

Happy October! ALL my videos are on sale...but not for long ♡

Thank you Bobby ❤️

You're welcome Moon 💞

You're welcome 💖

Thank you SO much, Bobby!! You are everything!! 💗💕

I love treating you as a Princess, you're worth everything i can do for you xoxoxo



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Kimmieeeee 💖

Hi eagle bob!


Thanks for all the love on my page ❤️

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I am a fan of all things sex related, camming and porn.

I try to spread the word about #RespectSexWorkers and #PayForPorn.

I will always post a review when i buy a vid from you all.

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Nice teaser, you're gorgeous, i'll be back to your page for sure

Aww yay! Thank you!

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The more you go the better you get. You should get into Sensual audio books recording. AMAZING

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So funny, we need this humor in this dark time in politics

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I love these outdoors scenes that are made in the spur of the moment. Excellent quality for a video made with a phone. You're absolutely gorgeous. Thank you for this gift xoxoxo

OMG thanks for your review! I’m glad you like it! I send you a lot of kisses and hugs!!:x<3

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I loved the daylight and shadows, you have great twerk action. Thanks for the gift, i'll visit your page to buy in the near future!!! Amazing teaser

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Great idea for a teaser, you have a sweet booty. Love your ink. My favorite panties were the last pair

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One of my favorite show growing up was "I Dream OF Jeannie" that was amazing. You look fantastic, the wardrobe was on point. Not to mention your oral skills. Great work, i can understand why it is one of your favorites. It deserves 5 stars

Thank you so much! I'm so happy you enjoyed it.

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Forget the issues with sound, the chemistry in that room made me lose my mind, the best thing that's ever happened to you is the Clubhouse. Your material is top notch. I loved it so much

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Great teaser, you play well with the camera, beautiful eyes and smile.

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That's a new side of you, that dirty talk is a fun dimension i've never seen from you and i like it. Also your ass play is amazing.

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You should have called that "Cock Worship", again another home run. Great action, lighting is on point and great atmosphere all around. Thank you for this xoxoxo

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Everything was perfect. Lighting, wardrobe and action. You are beautiful

thank you so much love!!

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Can't wait to see you in your chat room, at least i got to see your booty while waiting. Loved it

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That was awesome, like being back in your room again, all i wanted to do is to tip you to get a reaction until i realized that you didn't have a Lush in hahaha

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Best line is from Mom, " I'm so glad you "came" to me " hahahaha, fantastic trailer. Now i need to get the rest of the series next month lol

LOL Thank you! I really love this series!

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Even with the hickups it's great. For the first time ever my username and name are featured in a Manyvid clip. Great job and good memories of a fun night

Thank you! I really enjoyed it and enjoyed you being there!!!

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Excellent teaser, you're stunning. You'll be in my shopping cart very soon.

Thanks Bob, you're the best! 💖

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That's my kind of sister in law. You guys are outstanding.

Thank you so much! So glad you enjoyed it!

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That was awesome, thanks for it, i'm really thankful to GagmeAnne for introducing you to me. These shows were a blast, you're the real deal.

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Great dildo action, you look fantastic, the only critic i would have, is that it would have been a bit better with sound. Otherwise great job. xoxo

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Fun to watch, love the occasionnal laugh, you have nice ink, and you're gorgeous

thank you bob!

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This is awesome, everytime i think i've seen the best from you bring your A game. Chloe is spectacular. Loved it all

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It's a lot of fun to get instructions from you. All i want to do is obey lol

I was thinking about you being a good boy when I sent it to you. hahaha

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Another great taboo clip, i loved the face Jane made when Dad said "Do you think you can stroke me with your titties" it waa priceless. Great job, you two

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I love these taboo themed videos, it was a great one. Please tell Jane that just before watching that, i emptied the dishwasher, was i a good boy. hahaha

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Everything about that video is amazing, very happy with it. Great work, never doubt it xoxoxo

Thank you <3

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Most probably the best freebie i've seen on MV so far. You look amazing, and mad oral and tongue skills.

<3<3 I like to think I have a talented tongue

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I never get tired of seeing Mia, those eyes are melting my heart

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Great way to discover Dani, i loved the titty fuck part a lot.

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Because i witnessed the recording of this clip online, i can honestly say how good you are with editing. It is flawless, the music background is genius, and as usual you are stunning. Thanks for that.

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First great clip. 2nd Lilly is hilarious, absolutely loved her

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I absolutely adoe your "Down under" accent. And you're pleasing to the eyes

Thank you! :x

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What in the hell have you done to me, i will never be able to eat a banana split without thinking of you ever again. Great job, it must have been one long shower after that lol

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It is so funny when you say :It's in, it's in" with a victorious face expression. What i love about you is the way that you interact with us. You have a friend for life xxx

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WOW, seeing you full screen, in bed is even more sexy. At the end when you ask if i see your legs shaking, i cought myself answering you, guess it was realistic lol

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Lots of fun down memory lane, i really do believe that you will have great success on MV and everything you put your heart in xxx

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You're right, she's the silent type but man, her eyes spoke volume

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One of my many kinks is women with body ink, well done

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Love your POV style. Lux's eye contact was on point, you're a lucky man

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That was an amazing clip. All i wanted to do is join. Great work xxx

aww thank u my love!

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You'll definitely will be seeing me buy from you xxx

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Best invention ever, panties with direct access