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Hard rockin, Harley ridin, free livin and beautiful women!!! What else would a guy need?!!!!






White / Caucasian


American United States

Lives in






Hair Color

Dark Brown

Eye Color



5'6" or 168 cm


150 lbs

Body Type

Athletic & Toned



Recent Reviews

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I dream of genie with the short dark hair!!! Love this! Starting with a very nice dance at the beginning, the way Flora moves her body is nothing hypnotic, I could watch that forever!! She brings out what has become my favorite toy of hers, the blue glass dildo and does a wonderful standup masturbation with a fantastic view!!! She looks absolutely beautiful in this!!! Definately awoke the sleeping genie in my shorts!!!!

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Flora is beautiful as always in this latest video. Showcasing that wonderful body as she runs her hands all over it! Her pussy awaits the toy as she rubs fingers and her cream starts to flow!! Once the dildo appears it is devoured by an eager tunnel of pleasure! No one looks as beautiful as Flora when she climaxes and she most certainly does here. Lots of nice close ups and her throbbing clit is easy to see.

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1st off, there is absolutely no one sexier than Flora when it comes to biting and sucking on her thumb, NO ONE!!!! Fuck that kills me!!! If you like nipple pinching, tittie squeezing, creamy 2 finger masturbation, then you are in luck right here!!!! Flora is beautiful as can be, and enjoys a great orgasm!!! What a view!!!!!!

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Flora is such an amazing woman!! Love watching her beautiful ass jiggle as she rides her dildo!! The end, with her rubbing her wet, shiny, delicious pink pussy up close is oh so sweet!!! I for one can't ever get enough Flora!! ❤️

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So beautiful in this!!! Love the outfit! Your audition was superb, you can have the lead!! You'll be working with me and we will need to put lots of hours in to get our performance just right!!!!! You are gonna be a star!!!!!

●●●●● Read Review

Love this!!!!!!! Could watch Flora move her beautiful body like this forever!!! Right up and in your face with Aerosmith playin some tunes! Finishes it off with a wonderful 2 finger creamy orgasm!!! And honestly, I can't think of anyone more stunning when they cum than Flora!!!! She's stole my heart!!!

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Wonderful intimate and sensual scene!!! Flora looks so beautiful and Dolores is full of passion. The way she licks and sucks Flora's nipples is perfect, as is Flora doing the same to her!! Once that toy comes out, Dolores takes complete control of Flora!!! She tries to raise up, but Dolores lays her right back down by the throat while she continues to work Flora's craving pussy! Flora is absolutely stunning as her body arches and her pelvic thrusts and grinds to a powerful orgasm!!!! These two are so good together!!

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Beautiful outdoor scenery finds Flora in a cute little baby doll outfit, but it doesn't stay on for long once she finds here way back inside. Her wonderful tan body stands out in the white bedroom. She wastes no time and begins playing inside her polka dot panties, until they must come off. Fingers reach deep inside her wet craving pussy, and they know exactly where to touch. Constant pounding with her beautiful legs spread wide delivers her to a nice climax, love the way her body moves in pleasure!! Flora is simply amazing when she lets her fingers do their magic, something about no toys I really like. Nice camera work and lots of sweet closeups!!!!

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Looking beautiful as always, Flora soaks her body down with the shower head after gazing through the window. The water gets turned off and she begins fingering her sweet pussy while standing up, which always like while standing. The water begins flowing again down over her hand as she continues satisfying her needs. This isn't hardcore masturbation, just a soft beautiful pleasuring. And I enjoy that all just the same.

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I love this!!! Sometimes you just wanna look at a gorgeous woman and enjoy her amazing body that she works hard at in the gym to keep looking so fit!! Flora simply showcases her hard work that has blessed her with such a wonderfully toned body. No toys, no masturbation, just a tour of heaven. Some exceptional ass shots, and what a spectacular ass it is!! The smile at the end is priceless, and absolutely beautiful!! Love to see a longer version of this for sure.

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Flora in fishnet stockings and a garter, bent over with her perfect ass in the air with a glass toy in, and a hitachi working her sweet pussy!!!!!! What a sight!!!!! Shot well as always, and I like the music that is in the beginning.

●●●●● Read Review

Flora looks amazing with the color purple!!! Wasting no time she gets straight to it!! In an instant her sweet pussy starts to cream!! I really like this toy she is using, and can tell she does as well!! After repositioning the camera, she really goes to town and you can not only see, but hear how wet she is. The angle is just right, and those incredibly beautiful legs being spread wide is a spectacular view!! Flora never disappoints!!!!

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Short, sweet and sexy!!! Flora gently caressing her beautiful body, exploring every soft curve, and massaging her delicate flower while sighing in pleasure!!! What more could you need? She looks so beautiful and!! It's shot very well, and with many close-up shots. When she flips over, well that view is nothing but perfection!!! Great intimate little video!!

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Flora proves that even when you are pressed for time, there is always a few minutes to available to get off!!! This is short and sweet! She looks stunning in this!! Great shots as she licks her beautiful nipple, damn I like that!!!! Her amazing legs spread wide as she lets that little vibrator satisfy her delicious honey pot to a creamy orgasm!!! In a rush, she slips her panties and little denim shorts back on and heads out the door, with the reminder of a quick climax the rest of the day in her now soaked panties!!!!!!!

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YOU'RE HIRED!!!!!!!!!!!! Definately possess the skills that I am looking for in my assistant!! The short skirt is the correct attire and should be worn daily. Very impressed with your oral skills, very fluent with your tongue. Hope you don't mind working LONG, HARD and SATISFYING hours on the job. A few observations I couldn't help but notice. Your legs are absolutley beautiful in the tiny skirt and high heels. Appears that you like to tease with your skirt and I don't mind that one bit!!! To say that I love the tan lines on your ass while straddling the chair and riding is an understatement. The way your ass quivers as pleasure pours through your body is an awesome sight!!!!! You can start immediately!!!!!! (seriously though, this is a fantastic video and Flora is wonderful in all she does in it!!!! And yes, the up-shots and skirt tease of her ass are sexy as hell!!!!)

●●●●● Read Review

If you haven't seen any of Flora's videos, this will leaving you wanting more of this amazing woman from Colombia!!! She does awesome work and it's high quality!! She has it all, and on top of that is the most wonderful personality I have had the pleasure to get to know. Enjoy her videos!!!!

●●●●● Read Review

As if Flora's body isn't amazing as it is, I love it when it's wet and shiny!! Great video with the quality that she is known for. You can hear how absolutley wet she is as she thrusts her fingers inside!! The sounds of her voice ring in ecstasy as she cums are fantastic!!! Her face as always glows and the expressions from what her body is feeling are so beautiful to see!!! Flora is so in touch with her body in everything she does!!!!

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You naughty little school girl!! Those stockings look so good on your legs. The way you play with your tender pussy and spectacular tits has gotten you that A+ that you need. But the grade must be maintained, so I think you will need to cum for some personal tutoring from me on a regular basis to further your studying in the ways of self pleasure and a strong education in pleasing a man!!!!! Not that you don't have a great start to the study of masturbation, because you have that down wonderfully!!!!

●●●●● Read Review

I love when she rolls over and takes it from behind, the way she has her leg straddled and the entire position is so sexy!! Flora really enjoys that thick chocolate toy filling her sweet little pussy!!!

●●●●● Read Review

Wearing cute purple lace lingerie, Flora looks absolutely stunning! Once it comes off she begins with some very nice close-up pussy rubbing. Then comes the glass dildo. I don't know about you, but there is something about glass dildos I really like. She definately give this one a workout!! It make her wet as hell, but then she turns over to her favorite position and takes it from behind for a creamy finish!!!! Can tell Flora enjoyed this, and so did I!!!!

●●●●● Read Review

All I want for Christmas is Flora!!! Not being a huge fan of the holiday, this could change my mind. Starts with Santa's little helper spreading lotion all over her beautiful body. The soft song playing as she moves fits perfectly. When she breaks out the Hitachi, it doesn't take long for it to give her the gift of an orgasm full of whimpers and sighs!!! Merry Christmas to all and to all a good climax!!!

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WOW!!!!!!!!!! This is some serious Flora finger and dildo action!!! She is so wet from the fast fingering!! Once the dildo comes out, she goes to another level of intense pounding, legs spread wide and hiked up, what a beautiful site!!! And the doggy finish kicks it up to even faster thrusting and grinding till she enjoys what has to be a fantastic climax!!!! On a side note, Flora's freckles are too cute, I adore them.

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Love strawberries, and I love Flora!!!!! This is straight in your face 2 finger pussy play!!!! High quality recording, packed full of very up-close pleasuring!!! Sitting on a glass table and then bent over for a great ass viewing!!! I never get tired of the wonderful sounds that flow out of Flora as she is enjoying the sensations that are pouring through her!! Absolutely beautiful!!!

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Plain and simple, this is a shower scene not a masturbation video. Lots of close ups of her entire body and plenty of up between the legs. There is no talking, just music playing throughout. But then really, what guy needs anything more than the visual of this? Only thing that would be better is to be in the shower with Flora, rubbing your hands up those incredible legs, over that amazing ass, all across her perfect tits and every inch in between of her soft slippery wet soapy body with your hands!!!!??

●●●●● Read Review

Doesn't take long before Flora can't read the book any more and is opening her robe. This is a straight facing show in the chair. She rubs her beautiful tits and caresses her legs and entire body. Plenty of nipple licking as she wastes no time in using 2 fingers to pleasure her delicious pussy. She looks dead at you as to say "How bad do you want this?" She finishes riding her dildo all the way deep inside to a creamy climax, sighing and moaning all the way through. Flora is as beautiful as can be in this intimate little clip. Full erection on the peter meter!!!!

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Just when I think I have a favorite video from the beautiful Flora, I have to change my mind!! This is a fantastic show with so many great views of her up close . Instantly noticed the faint tan line and love that!! This has it all!! From teasing her beautiful nipples with her tongue, fingers gently rubbing her sweet pussy, to an intense wet orgasm with a really cool toy!!! The camera angles are excellent and the quality is top notch as always!! Flora is such a pleasure to watch, she is in such touch with her body in a way that is just wonderfully passionate!!

●●●●● Read Review

Loved it!!!! Flora's amazing curves glisten with oil and the views are fantastic!!!! You'll want Part 2 after you see this!!!

●●●●● Read Review

Very soft, relaxed and intimate little video. When all you see is the white of her eyes, there's no denying she is enjoying herself. Nice soundtrack that goes well with it. The high quality of her video shoots are nothing but a reminder how much she prides herself in what she puts out. I do love me a good chili, and I'd love to taste that chili after she climaxes!!!

●●●●● Read Review

Flora in high heels, those legs and ass were made for them!!!! She looks absolutely stunning in red! The way she moves is just a pleasure to watch. Some very nice finger playing before the blue glass toy gets put to plenty of use!! Great view from behind as she works that toy and then finishes laid back and spread for a creamy finish!! Several wonderful close-ups of here delicious treasure. And as always, just the looks she gives with that beautiful face, and sucking on her thumb just kill me to no end!!!!