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Who needs a sexy custom?:) come say hi let's have some sexy, naughty fun.membership on sale...

usa United States Joined December 2017

Hi there, I was wondering if you could PM me for a custom video idea I have

vote for me in sweet treats contest and get spoiled :)

Ok so for the upcoming contest, come eat my cookies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
any paid vote will get a picture
25=a 5min simple custom or cock rating no (non penetrating) or you can choose 5 videos
50= a 10min custom or 10videos
or go for it all 100 gets you over 500 videos
150$will get you 50videos and my kik for 1 month which will include daily photos and sexy conversation

malmo12 Jul 11

Would love to discuss a custom if you could drop me a message, thanks!

oK after reviewing 3 videos you went from 21 to 20 in rank hmmmmmm.... wonnder how many spots you would jump if I review 50 more....only one way to find out lol :)

Hi there! I'm super interested in a few photos and a video customs! Send me a message so I can show you samples of what I'm looking for :) Nothing crazy

Message me bout some customs😋

Muscular homewrecker...yum

PM regarding custom video

21Mike Jun 25

Msg mee

Pm if interested but how comfortable would you be doing a swinger custom?

Come stop by and vote for me lots of goodies for those who spoil. You could get Snapchat, videos, or a custom.

LoveMV57 Jun 21

Hey perfect Lady,so thrilled i met you here on MV and want you to know you're the best!Love what you're doing here and guys if you ever want to order a custom of this Lady  sweetkiss_69 please do because she is naughty, sexy,hot and is so quick in deliver your customs:x<3

Thank you that means a great deal to me very sweet of you. I love doing your custom video. And I would be more than happy to get naughty with you anytime

Jhenga11 Jun 14

Hi I would like to thank you and tell you that the prices you offer are very cheap whereas the content is worth a lot. I bought your membership and I’m so happy to spend my money on something that’s really worth a lot. I hope you keep shinin as always. Lot of love ❤️  Keep it up. Best performer on mv I must say.

Thank you that means a lot to hear, im glad you bought my membership and can enjoy my newest videos. If you ever want a custom just let me know id love to get to know you better

Jhenga11 Jun 14

Yes sure I would love to request the custom by tomorrow.. I’ll let you know I’m a while thanks :)

qt314s Jun 13

Hi sweetkiss. Could you pm me about a custom video if you get the chance please, thanks :)

Vote for me in the upcoming contest and get spoiled. 50$ gets a min non penetrating custom!!!!!

Hi Trina, I was wondering if you accept amazon gift cards as payment for memberships. I got a $70 amazon gift card from work 2 weeks ago and I was wondering since your 3 month membership is the same price if  I can send you the gift card then I can have access to the three month membership.I should mention its a gift card code by the way. Just message me back if you are interested

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Im 5'4 120lbs and 37 yrs old. i love role play and being naughty and making fantasies cum true. Im down to earth and very active in sports. Im also a swinger:) I do take custom orders, i do cock ratings, some fetish, sph, role play, feet, joi, striptease, smoking, femdom and much more. I love homewrecker roles and i can always do a sexy light up for you. I am also offering boy girl customs. I can create a mv link for you at a discount .

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