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Joanna Jet

TS Porn Superstar with track record as a full-on dirty slut with boys, girls, TS & Solo ;-)

Nottingham, UK United Kingdom Joined December 2017
MPenguin May 21

Hello, I would be interested in a custom video if you could send me a PM, thanks.

Utterly STUNNING! Could you drop me a direct message to discuss a custom please hon? Looking forward to cumming for you :) xx

xAndrywx May 19

Hello delight, Nice to meet you, I'm Andrea your fans. How are you ? I am truly honored to be able to write you, get to know and make some requests, if possible. I wanted to know if it was possible to buy some of your personal things ... for example, lingerie or objects used by you, still full of your perfume. It would be nice to be able to receive them in Italy ^^. Sorry if I bothered you ... Good day. I hope to have your answer soon.


Adddokk deleted May 6

Any chance that you could send me a PM? I have a question about a video ☺️☺️

cam007 Apr 20

Hey Joanna, I was wondering if you do custom pic sets, can you pls message back through DM

By chance would you ever sell your pantys or pantyhose after you have cummed in them?

Hi, sorry but I choose not to release my DNA to any unknown third parties. xxx

thrudd Feb 7

Hi Joanna i love your videos!!! I want you to do a Custom for me, i cant message you dont know if you can do it...can you please msg me ?

Hi Thrudd, Have messaged you as requested.

Joanna is utter perfection. Such a wonderful performer who is a natural in front of the camera

Thank you hunni :-) xxx

thrudd Jan 21

Plz Contact me I have a Custom Video Request

ElvinPrincess deleted Jan 6

Hey Sexy! Left you some love! Please return the favor if you get a chance!<3:x<3

mousie74 deleted Jan 6

Woohoo! Finally here.

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Hello and welcome to my ManyVids site. In case you are not familiar with my name, I am a renowned transsexual pornstar who has been producing all sorts of fun and filthy content for almost two decades and my current occupation is full-on cougar and slutty MILF ;-)

Have a browse and I am sure you will find all sorts of stuff to your liking and if you cannot find what you are looking for, there is always the option of a custom video!

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