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Thanks babe for supporting I hope you enjoyed the vid & I would recommend the one with my stepsister those are hot 💋

Give me a long, hard, wet, and black one

Pro Moe Jun 5

Hey Chippy. New Video with more leash Action ;)

Amazing!! Keep it up. And keep them all leashed!!!

Pro Moe Apr 14

Thanks,:) Chippy... more 2 cum!

Bella_Rose deleted Mar 17


Cass Honeybee
Cass Honeybee deleted Mar 8

Hey! I’d love for you to check out my store and vids and maybe even leave a review! 😘

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Love bbc. Love to chat about it and share.





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Pro Moe May 16

Thx 4 support

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Damn the way you dominate with that beautiful cock. That is some black power right there. Makes me want to be your bitch

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So sexy. Love watching you with a bbc. It’s perfect!

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So hot! Love the leash! Makes it so dominant and sexy. Great cock! Keep it up and keep pounding them on a leash

Pro Moe Jun 26

Thanks for your purchase Chippy.:) Leash is definitely 1 of my favs. Watch for the new series coming out. It includes the leash and whole new concept I call the 'WHOLE'. Again thanks for your support.

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Wonderful hard fucking by a black man on a beautiful blonde. She works that beautiful black dick amazingly. Such great spanking and hair pulling! Hope to see more!