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DeniseND deleted Sep 25

Hi Miss, nice to meet you i'm Denise a ts as you, pls i wanted to buy some of your sexy items, we can agree and do a single order with some items ? Pls send me PM to agree better.
Thx you

xMarc0x deleted Jul 14

Hi Miss you are here ? I wanted to know if i can buy in one order much of your sexy items in your shop, or you have for sale. I can pay much. Thx you in advanced

xMarc0x deleted Jul 23

yuhuuu some news for my request ?

I'm amazed!! 💜

xMarc0x deleted Jun 27

Hi Baby, nice to meet you i'm very interested to buy some of your sexy stuff or items for sale, pls send me message for agree better. Kiss thx in advanced.

xAndrywx deleted May 24

Hello delight, Nice to meet you, I'm Andrea from Italy, your fans. How are you ? I am truly honored to be able to write you, get to know and make some requests, if possible. I wanted to know if it was possible to buy some of your personal things ... for example, lingerie or objects used by you, still full of your perfume. It would be nice to be able to receive them in Italy ^^. Sorry if I bothered you ... Good day. I hope to have your answer soon. Send me message to agree better.


Adddokk deleted May 6

Hey, please send me a PM. I have a question about a video ☺️☺️

Hi, Tara. I bought many pic coLLections from you in the past. Do you have a video of the race car set? That unbelievabLe red racing suiT & the black Porsche? Those were the 1st pics I saw of yours; still a favorite picture shoot of mine.

welcome to manyvids hun.  you have some really beautiful looking content :) :x

thank you!  Glad to have you on board!

thank you!  Glad to be here!

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Hi my name is Tara Emory this is my official manyvids page!

You've probably seen me and so you probably already know that my goal in life is to become the most cartoony flesh and blood futanari fuckdoll you've ever seen! Looks like you've discovered the treasure trove of my wonderfully costumed, shot and edited videos, with more and more exciting things to come! I'm just getting the hang of this site so favorite me and lets have fun together!


Porn Star






Bachelor’s ( Focus in extreme bimbofication, kinky sex lifestyle )


American United States



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Cohesive Gel 36DD

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Tara Emory PO Box 400602 North Cambridge, MA 02140

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