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Thank you for the vote. <3

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I'm a single young lady (INFP-T) who hasn't have sex (with another person that is) and and has to settle for toys and smutty fanfictions with my husbandos. I'd love to talk if you have the chance to do so!

Likes: praise kink, possessive behavior (only in bed!), kinbaku/Japanese rope bondage, overstimulation, schoolgirl roleplay, lingerie, monsters (vampires, demons and incubi especially), massage




1995-01-30 (23)






White / Caucasian


American United States

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United States



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5'4" or 163 cm


120 lbs

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I actually have a similar dildo (only in hot pink) and it is slender by my standards, but I can't even imagine how it must feel inserting that when your body is tightened up...

I hope you have better luck with training to have comfortable penetration in the future dear. *hugs*

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Great to see you finally got the Bad Dragon dildo you've wanted! I remember you saying how much you wanted it during your MV Takeover! Now if only I had the money to get my own Bad Dragon dick...

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Yeah it does kinda suck that some of the smaller dildos limit you in color choices. Especially with the Crackers the Cockatrice dildo: it's beautiful signature color (the plum, rose and purple combo) can't be applied to mini sizes (which I think would be the only one I'd be able to take).

Good luck with that cosplay video!

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Really appreciated you going into detail about the firmness and cum lube!

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That must've felt really good, dear!

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So I guess you'll keep using this tutor's "services"? ;)

Mmmm that's a bloody good idea..I'm sure he'd love to use my pussy again ;-) x

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I played along with a rabbit vibrator inside me~ I slipped up a couple of times though...

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It's a damn shame you're unable to upload these videos on here (especially with the Dreaming Beauty video - guess somnophilia's a really iffy area for the staff). Do you have an alternate way for us to watch these? I'd especially appreciate it!

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It's a nice change of pace from some of the other videos I've seen, though it was very hard for me to hear what you were saying. Even when I turned the volume all the way up on my laptop, your voice was still pretty quiet.

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I feel lonely... why can't I find a nice guy to share some intimate lovemaking like you?

Moping aside, this is quite nice!

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Holy tits that thing is enormous! You could use that to bludgeon burglars!

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This is the first time I've seen The Tremor in action and wow does it seem like an amazing product. Though it sounds pretty damn loud on the higher settings... I think my folks would think I was doing construction in my room if I were to use it. O_O()

I can’t imagine anyone being able to handle it on the higher settings!!! It’s so crazy intense!!

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Her seduction style is really good and she's gorgeous, but there are a couple of times where the sound cuts out and the cuts to a different camera were a little jarring to me.

sorry that this FREE video was jarring to you 👌🏼