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thank you for your vote!

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Thanks for the vote! <3

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Hi everybody!




White / Caucasian



Hair Color

Dark Brown

Eye Color



5'8" or 173 cm


170 lbs

Body Type

About Average



Recent Reviews

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You wouldn't do that!You would?Why?I always did support you,stood always behind you,you know i'm addicted to you and now you know all of me you are blackmailing me to get what you want?Is it all about money with you?lolOh babe,you are good,love listen to your sexy sensual voice and watch you tease me dressed in this so sexy green dress where your boobs shout for attention.Not to mention your strong sexy legs.So i think you get what you

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Omg you Teaser you knew exactly what vids you sending me a few hours ago did you!!!!I love it!

Yes i did :x:x

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Why didn't you come to me earlier?lol I want that red lace!!!!!!!!!!!lolSo sexy and hot this item you wear,love this one Teaser.

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I wish you could be forever

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Oh no that is my thanks for servicing you all day long?Oh well ass and heels it will be.But will you do me one favour,please let me squirt my second load on your big boobies?

Of course you can

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Making them soaking wet for me,damn you i hardly can't stand it anymore,you totally get me completely crazy want you so bad!Want that soaking wet panties of yours.And much more.

I want to give them to you

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As i said before,such a pleasure be in the room where you are,teaser.

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Oh i wish i was sitting there every day watching you make yourself pretty,that would be such a pleasure!Think it's still morning what could we do after that.
Yeah guilty morning pleasures,was wondering are you a fun smoker or an addicted smoker?

Fun smoker

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Your new toy is a lucky one,it can even make sounds hear the moans i think your new toy liked it as well.lolLove the view of your white shirt,ymmy.

I know right that toy was doing some major sucking

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Oh i'm going for honesty but a little afraid you might say about mine.Want to but don't dare show it to you cause i'm a :-$ person.;-)

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Stay awake
Look out
If you're out on a moonlit night
Be careful
Of a lady with long black hair
Tryin' to win you with her feminine ways
You'd better get out of there fast
She's just a devil woman
With evil on her mind
Beware the devil woman
She's gonna get you.
Yes all true but I've had nothing but bad luck Since the day I saw the cat at my doorSo I came here to you, sweet lady
Answering your mystical call and omg it was so delicious and heaven i even don't care i'm no longer allowed to play or even get hard without your permission!
Thank Kimberley for this Seduced by the Devil video,love it.

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Oh my ,please help me Sex Fetish Doctor Kimberly,have a huge problem after watching this educational Latex Fetish Clinic video!My cock is still rock hard after squirting my huge load all over my screen!What should i do?PLEASE help me and fix this problem for me.I think my cock is addicted to your soft hands,your hot full lips,your wonderful big boobs and your so juicy wet and horny cunt!Oh wait,what did you say?Ass?Dr Kimberly,maybe i have the solution,my cock said: didn't went in your sexy and hot big booty!!!
Thanks again for a fantastic hot and horny video and i love as always your outfits.

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Oh my,that is a fucking horny Birthday treat ,Gorgeous!Got me a hard boner instantly watching your delicious body;-<>

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Guys watch this girl and you won't be disappointed!She did herself using a dildo on an exercise ball!!!!She is inventive and surprising,so what should her other vids be like?Yes guys,buy her vids then.Thanks Ashley for sharing this one with us.

🤩 wow this has got to be 🙌🏼hands down the BEST review I’ve ever received. 👏🏼Thank you so much for bringing a huge 😁smile on my face💋

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I would!Ask you if you need a hand every morning.That is so horny thinking of you play naughty while the neighbor is watching you.Love this roleplay video,i may add you are looking so sexy and hot wear this white shirt with no bra on and that so inviting green short skirt.Yes definitely i would help you every morning.

Id gladly let you;)

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Yes i am bad but hell i don't care delicious woman.You know all your soaked juicy panties are my

And i love sending them to you

Upskirt Aug 4
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Wow see you tease me with a little upskirt fun get me so in the mood wanting more.NO,no please,let me enjoy your delicious ass some more,don't walk away now,yes that's nice,oh my i think i have to cum on that so hot ass of yours. Thanks sweetkiss_69 for a wonderful sightseeing video.

I love teasing you

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YES please open me and you will see i deserve stroke time.No?You are so mean and such a tease,please i have feelings too!Ok not then,you will never know what you've been missing then.Love your leather outfit and your high knee black boots ,want to......

I'll let you out longer next time:x:x:x

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Oh this is fun play a game of chance with you.Never blow my load to early knowing what will be the reward!On the other hand my rock hard cock remain rock hard after my big load, i always have something left for you if you want.

I always want

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For you always and you know that!lol hehehehe

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Wow you sexy,hot and horny woman you ask me to play, did play with you, my rock hard cock enter that horny wet juicy pussy of yours.So delicious and shooting all my load on your beautiful big boobies, finishing by sucking and licking your titties all clean and more;)Damn,you did:light_my_fire: again, Horny Monday Morning Girl

I love lighting your fire

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Definitive a happy morning watching you do your thing getting pretty.Yes i know i'm such a asskisser but for me you don't need all that make-up!You are a natural beauty.

:xyou are so sweet thank you

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If you want i will pay all your bills cause you totally controle me.

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delight and a privilege pleasuring you all day.Have one demand though,please wear this oh so sexy,hot swimsuit all day and i assure you it would not only your long lean sexy legs feel my cum.

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Oh this is fun and so horny to watch you tease me with your so wanted sexy panties.But with regret i didn't cum yet,want more pantie show!

Sorry you didn't but maybe the second time you watch it:x:x

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Oh yes i'm a good beta especially when you wear pantyhose.Then i'm completly yours and obey whatever you demand:-P

You are very good and I know you are completely mine

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Damn you are tough to handle,have some heart will you.lolBut yeah this is what i want to see,your perfect body covered in Leather and those high knee boots,so sexy.and that ass of yours,pleasure,pleasure.Oh that dirty talk of yours,so hard keep it in controle.Thanks for this JOI video sweetkiss_69!

You are the best I love that you enjoy my videos

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Please have a little mercy on me,PLEASE!It's unbearable watch you not even touch my dong.It is now for days you have me in your possession and you don't even bother have some mercy on me.So disappointed in you,didn't expect that from a nice woman.lolGuess you are not nice at all!;-)
Love this roleplay sweetkiss_69.Getting 5 Stars from me,thanks.

Oh come on now I got to have my Mean Streak somewhere amongst the niceness to keep it interesting and to keep you hard and throbbing and coming back for more

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For you to know and you know by now i'm going for the whole you!In other words,totally addicted to sweetkiss_69!She is just the Perfect Lady for me guys.Try it yourself and you know what i mean.

I love that im perfect for you:x:A

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Omg i'm totally in love with your pantyhosed legs and feet.Please let me touch and carress your sexy,strong legs and feet!It would be heaven bury my face into your so well.Because i'm a pantyhose lover i thank you for making this sexy,hot pantyhose video.

More to come just for you

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Oh that is so mean you tease me not touching my already rock hard boner but i try not to.Omg it's really hard watch you undress yourself and show me your perfectly tannad body, it's just unbearable!Please let your slave touch himself,please,please!Oh thank you be so kind to me stroke it for 10 seconds.More than enough.
Love your sexy yoga pants,suits your hot ass perfectly,sure want a smell of that sexy outfit!

10 seconds was enough? Im glad next time might be less

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Always a nice view watch you do your morning fun thing, special watch you topless:-)Thanks for being so beautiful and share this with us:X

I do enjoy to share

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Good morning to you too,oh yes i'm so ready for a fun time with you,anytime.Oh please tease me and play with me,it turns me on soooo much.You make my cock nice and hard by talking dirty to me.Oh wow that ass of yours,your beautiful booty gets my cock wants your ass.Oh boy,cock says wants some titty fucking,fuck those beautiful big boobs so much.Cock wants me to stroke it even harder while you are stroking your pussy nice and wet for my rock hard boner enter your juicy wet kitty.Your so righ,want my cock cum all over you.Oh babe that feels so heaven enter your pussy,i wanted that so bad for a long time.Oh yes i want more of you.I'll give it to you all,getting harder and faster fucking your sooo wet juicy pussy deeper and deeper.Oh dear i'm completely lost of pleasure shooting my huge squirting load deep inside your pussy.Thanks for giving me so much pleasure.;-)

Love giving you pleasure:A;):x

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Love this humiliation video,love your leather outfit,so demanding.Thanks!

I love my leather too:x:x

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Watching this video my fate is totally in your hands and i don't mind at all giving you the info you want.I have one request though after giving you it all,need touch your pantyhosed legs and lick these 2 beauties of yours!Maybe more if you like:-P

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Sweet sweetkiss_69,only one thing i need after watching this is my slave ready to cum video,having my squirting load all over your perfect naked ass and lick it all clean afterwards.Is that ok?

Yes that is perfectly ok

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Love hear you talk dirty to me gorgeous woman.You did manage me getting a rock hard boner and squirt all my huge load on your so wanted big boobies.You did light my fire,thanks for that!Guys if you need an all natural woman taking care of you with her sexy and sensual voice buy her vids then!!!!!!!!!!!!

I love lighting your fire

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Oh yes this girl is the ultimate tease,look at her perfect body,look at her pretty face,listen to her teasing voice,i would do anything she demands me to do.She totally have me in her hold! ;-)

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Hey Bad and Naughty Girl,heaven watch your hot big ass all the time and yes you guessed it.....:-*

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One thing to tell you,wish that was my dick!!!!!Love the close up.Thanks hot and sexy Ashley Mercy.

So sorry i haven’t thanked u for this already

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Is it any wonder!I would too and you love it he's been all over you.Guys,i know i'm repeating myself but if you need someone who takes care of you it is for sure this Perfect Lady!
I say no more ,just buy one of her vids and you want them all.