Submissive to a domme. Locked in chastity.

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Vfanboi Jun 22

💕💕💕 to you!

I’m so grateful u are still enjoying my videos and helping with contests :) thanks a lot!!

Vfanboi Jun 17

Always a pleasure. You are such a special person and add so much joy to my life. 💕

Fanboy you the shizzznizzz!!!

Vfanboi Jun 14

☺️☺️☺️Thank you, Tigger!! 💕💕💕

Thank you!! 💕 you are so kind (:

Vfanboi Jun 9

You are an incredible beautiful and sexy woman, and your work is so much fun and so pleasurable. Even more, you are a kind, emphathetic, and loving human being. Knowing you is one of the great joys of my life. I want to give my deepest thanks for your presence every day and every night. ❤️❤️❤️❤️ to a special lady and beautiful human being. I know I am one of many of your fans whose appreciation of you goes far beyond your glorious physical beauty.

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My pleasure. You and your work bring so much joy to me. 💘

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Vfanboi May 24

💘💘💘 to you, sweet Tigger!

fanbooooiiii!! :D

Vfanboi May 24

Always happy to support you! 💕💕💕

Hey cutie!  Thanks so much for helping again with the contest (:

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White / Caucasian


American United States

Lives in

New York City



Hair Color

Salt & Pepper

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5'10" or 178 cm


220 lbs

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Wonderful. Tigger is a great dancer who feels the music so well. She gives a sexy, nude dance to “Stayin’ Alive” with lots of hot moves. ❤️❤️❤️

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Tigger is adorable and hot as fuck in her Ashley cosplay. The video is nonstop incredible spread leg shots —you can see what a fantastic experience it is to fuck this gorgeous woman. Ashely starts with seductive dirty talk, encouraging Leon with explicit dirty talk that become orgasmic moans and dirtier talk as she orgasms again and again with the cock pounding her creamy pussy. With Ashley spent and happy, the video finishes with gorgeous close-up shots of her spreading her pussy and contracting her pussy and butthole from her sexual satisfaction. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

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Super hot. Tigger fulfills a baby-talk fetish, going effortlessly between sexy baby talk jerk-off instructions and verbal humiliation about the fantasy she is fulfilling. As her baby-talk and verbal humiliation leads to an orgasm, Tigger gets deeply into the scene, begging for the cum in baby talk. Great scene! Tigger is amazing!

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Super-sexy verbal humiliation. Sweet Tigger is so hot telling you your place. And spending your life worshipping Tigger’s perfect ass is more than even a winner deserves.

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Watching Tigger dance nude, with her gorgeous body and great sense of rhythm, is an adolescent fantasy come true. ❤️

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Lots of closeups of Tigger’s gorgeous ass, with sexy shots of her peeing.

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Fun, sexy video of Tigger showing her awesome hula hoop skills with a lit hula hoop. Tigger starts in a sexy top and panties, then does some great topless and nude hooping! ❤️❤️❤️

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In a gorgeous catsuit, Tigger tells her chastity slave she is pleased by his servitude and that he is getting a treat tonight — a chance to serve both Tigger and her sexy girlfriend. Tigger teases her slave how he will spend the evening rubbing their feet and doing whatever else they want. Tigger will take his laptop and his credit card while he rubs her feet and worships her friend’s ass. As Tigger fills her shopping cart, her slave will be pussy-drunk from smelling her friend’s pussy, all the while still locked up in his chastity cage. Her slave will be unable to resist when Tigger tells him to click the Purchase button with all that she wants, charged to his credit card. In fact, Tigger tells her slave, he will never be able to refuse her anything she wants, ever. Another amazing video by Tigger, who can bring to life any fantasy with knowledge and passion.

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Incredibly hot video. Tigger sees the submissiveness in in the man before her and talks him through his happy fate as her servant and slave. Her knowing voice leads on a path through foot worship, ass worship, being her lisp pot, and living in chastity. Tigger captures her slave completely. He will spend his life serving her - and her friends - completely. The video ends with the new slave getting his first taste of Tigger’s golden nectar. Awesome video! Thank you, Tigger!

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Super hot! Tigger finds her boyfriend’s hidden stash of panties. First, she sees one pair of her dirty panties, and then she takes out pair after pair of cute panties, as her boyfriend is too humiliated to speak. Tigger realized the depth of his fetish’s and how she can use it for her amusement and pleasure and to control him. Tigger’s knowing voice as she realizes how completely she will be able to control her is boyfriend is so sexy for femdom lovers.

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Tigger has fun at the Taboo 2018 convention, hanging out in a sexy teddy and stockings. Tigger gives out spankings, shows off her unbelievable twerking, plays with a hitachi, and ends with a great topless hula hoop. All through the clip, Tigger hangs with other performers with her friendly, sweet, sexy personality coming through. Lots of sexy fun.

Thank you (:

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Tigger’s gorgeous curves, cool hula hoop moves, and sense of rhythm make this sexy fun. If I saw Tigger hooping across the room from me, I would fall in love forever! ❤️

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Tigger is sitting on the floor, showing her lovely feet and gorgeous pussy. She lets out a hot, sexy, gushing stream of pee - yum!

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Love Tigger’s smooth, sexy hula hoop moves. Seeing her style through naked is fun and sexy! ❤️