Hey I checked out your page and gave you a follow -p-
If you're into some cool and crazy fetishes, I'm your girl!
My page consists everything from taboo mommy videos, feeding, enemas, femdom, belly fetish and more & hearts are always appreciated <3
Kisses, Dee!

Hey thank you for the love.
Have you seen what I just did in my last video?

Thanks for the <3<3<3:)

You are the best :x

Thanks for all the 🖤!!  I hope you enjoy your purchase 😘

Thanks for all the <3!

Thanks for the love<3

thanks for the follow! ^.^  Now through 9/7 get 25% OFF all vids and store items with code 'Ama2101' :D

Thank you so much for all the love!!!

You're awesome ! :x


Thanks for the love!

my pleasure.;)

Thank you for leaving the love on my profile last night! Hope you have an awesome day <3

Thankyou for the follow !

Hi babe, I saw that you are a top reviewer. I started on MV this month and some expert advices would be really appreciated ^.^

Thanks for following me, GaryfromPennsylvania <3

Ty so much Gary xoxo Enjoy those vids :) See you back soon <3

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Just a single guy....dreaming of all the women on manyvids......;)


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always cool to be the first to review a video...:) This is another beginning to what is going to be a great series from jane and wade. i could use a cousin like as always this video is worth way more than 5 stars...a must have for anyone who likes their videos....2 thumbs up

So glad you liked it!

Come get 'em!

thank you!  :)

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I can only hope that this is not the last of Mrs. Robinson...:) buy this whole series if you have not will not be disappointed. i know i wasnt....;)

Thank you!

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i love it.....but my reply to the comment that it should only take 1 or 2 times would have been i think it may take dozens of times to make sure you are whole series has been one of their best so far....and i have a few.....:) 2 thumbs and 1 hard cock up......;)

hehehe thank you so much!

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wow....this is awesome....i enjoy every video that these 2 put out.....jane is always a pleasure to watch and she is a total turn on....a must have series...:)

Thank you! I loved the 69 in this part!

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Wow...that was awesome......I want what he got so bad......this is one very hot woman giving one of the best blowjobs i have seen......sign me up for one please...:)

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Very hot video.....this is a great blow job and facial.......i could use some nursing like that....;)

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I got the freebie video earlier of hers and just had to get another.....very hot......;) would be a great experience i am sure.... 5 stars is nowhere near enough.

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Wow.... I have always wondered if glory holes really existed....:) haven't had a blow job in years. wish there was a glory hole around very hot video. Kim looks to truly enjoy and give a great blow job...will definitely be looking at more of her videos.....;)

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WOW. For a first boy/girl video i have to say WOW....2 thumbs up....That was an amazing blowjob.....Definitely in my top 10 favorites of blowjobs. Well done...I will be buying more of her stuff in future for sure.....;)

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Great preview....wish the rest of the video was not stream only......would buy for sure.

Gary, thanks so much for the 5 stars. Rori is my favorite amateur. The girl is just amazing. About the streaming; I wish I could allow downloads, but unfortunately, even with streaming only, I still have my videos pirated and have to request DMCA takedowns about a half dozen times a week. If I were to allow streaming like I did the first few months of this brand, the piracy would be out of control and would put me out of business. Can't let that happen cuz I got to feed these models :) Thanks again for the excellent review.

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wow.. well i have to say this was awesome....she is totally hot. loved the fact that she didnt want to mess around and gets right to sucking dick.....would love to have her tell me i am here for you to stick your dick in my mouth....i too would immediately respond with she is absolutely great at it and the eye contact is enough to make you blow your load too soon...;)

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this is one sexy lady.....she definitely knows how to spice things up......:) will have to try to see more of her.

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I have only seen Kingsley in one other scene and instantly in lust with her...she gives a world class blow job and is sexy as hell.....2 thumbs up

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Anastasia is one of my favorites,,,,this was a great can not go wrong with a video with her in usual the blow job was phenomenal.... the question i have is WHAT her rate......:)

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mmm...Mrs Robinson :) very hot and sexy as usual. you can never go wrong with a video from jane.

Thank you! This series is my favorite I think.

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very hot......i can imagine the pleasure of giving her pleasure...;)

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mmm...i love to be the first to review someones hot video..and this video is super hot.....Zoe is very sexy and this video is among the best i have seen.....the blowjob alone is enough to get me super horny....then the cowgirl....such a nice ass......i have to say that i would have loved to be the male in this video as she looks to give the best of blowjobs (and enjoy it) and to feel that body would be divine. 2 thumbs up and worth 5 extra stars.

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mmmm...very hot......but then i am biased....i love everything Jane does....:)

hehehe Thank you!!

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another hot ass video from the lovely Jane....i can not get enough of her.....:)

Thank you! I'm glad!

You’re too sweet. Thank you so much!

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mmm...very sexy...turned me on so much......wish i was there.....;)

yessss.... me too Gary

mmmm i wanna see ;)

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shirt looks amazing on you...makes you perfect breast look even sexier.

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very very hot...this is a very sexy woman.....a must have video......;)

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mmmmm...yes i will cuddle with you......all night long....;)

That would be nice!

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i would keep using the ticket paying over and over again myself.....:)

LOL I'll bet you would!!

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very hot.........turned me on very much...but all her videos do...she is very good at what she does

I'm so glad you think so!

Thank you! This series is a personal favorite of mine.

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this is a very sexy woman....makes very hot videos....totally worth getting....;)

Thank you so much!!

hehehe Thank you!!

●●●●● Read Review you need help washing your back....;) very sexy turn on great body and she knows how to please...wish i could give it more stars

uhhhmmm i always wanna help washin my back...and feeling a hard dick on it!

thank youu!! i want to record aonther public sex video at cinema! ;P

i love to have my boobs full of cum!

thank you for the review!! i just enjoy to fuck!!!<3<3<3<3:x

thank you!! i love fuck dicks with my big boobs!!!^.^:woohoo-9:

Thank you so much!!

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i have only dreamed about something like this.....;)

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love the close are a very sexy woman,,,,;)

Xoxoxo thank you ! 💋


Thanks love 💕