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Czech Republic United States Joined June 2018


You review my videos and give me 5.0 Stars!

This is really the best way to start the day.. seeing your kind and nice reviews!


I will, by the way, add new videos (FREE ONES, too for you!!) tonigh hopefully.. I have just finished Leon`s Angels Episode #8 and it took 3 full days but in the end we have a fantastic video (almost 1.5 HOURS!!!) and now it´s rendering from zero!

Will be ready tomorrow and I guess published here on Monday to make Monday a great day!

OK Guys, we are going up in Producer Charts here really fast this month (and the month has just started!) 

To give a boost I made a big big discount on MEMBERSHIPs.. PLEASE CHECK, this will be a one time DISCOUNT and I don´t think you will want to miss it.

Get 120 Videos what I could put here, already, downloadable, streamable, 100% YOURS + for the next 3-6 or 12 MONTHS all VIDEOS free from me, here with your very much discounted priced membership, NOW.

I don´t know how long will it stay here, these prices and this offer, so get it while it´s HOT, FRESH and HERE ALREADY!(Y))

Start Strong Finish Strong. 

We have now 119 Videos and a few of great ones are already FREE for you to celebrate our "meeting" and knowing each other here.

70 people.. 70 Follower..

There are people and or companies like millions of followers and fans for sure but for me even when we were 7 it was VERY but VERY IMPORTANT.

So, THANK YOU very much, once more.

Let´s go on, let´s make this month shines.

You can write me every kind of requests, give me feedback, want from me whatever you want to see / watch.. just tell me and I will do my best to bring you as I always do my best for you.

A full month, July passed and currently I have 114 videos here.. I´m adding 1 free video today, and another one will be launched again FREE to celebrate August.

My aim is reaching at least 150 unique and as from me, exclusively Leon Lambert elegant and special work, videos by 28 August, 4 weeks later from today.. 

It will be hard as my videos and work is really unique as you may follow also now with my free videos here (but the real gems are the longest ones for sure)

Anyway, let´s go on and let´s enjoy the light, while we can.

The first big big discount day is gone already, as now.. Thank you for your support, being here and all your feedback on all once more.

It was a great day in all means.

I´ve been working on a FANTASTIC 5 Girls Twerk Video and it will be ready hopefully today, in 4K and also as a separate version in Full HD first time again HERE, in the next hours!

Keep in touch! :x

a great and brand new video is coming guys!

By the way, as it´s 1st month of us here, together, for the first and highly probably the last time, here is your 50% OFF on all VIDEOS! until 24 July 2018 00:30 AM, don´t miss this one!

Journey goes on.. Almost 1 month (not yet) and there are many new services I added plus some crush notes with a few videos, and of course exclusive and great videos are coming, even 1 is now uploading..

Let´s continue, let´s ROCK! (V)) (Y))

We have reached 92 Videos here, today, guys. Thank you very much for your attention and support. It all goes great and honestly I didn´t expect so much attention even before 1 full month´s passing after my joining here with ony 1 video :) 

I´m doing the post production of some really very interesting videos with fantastic young and new girls. Stay in touch. All is coming one by one every day as you know!

Adding more videos and creating more excitement every single day.. Here I add today 2 more very special long MyGirlPlays Series videos. You will absolutely LOVE them and I´m working on something very exclusive and special, coming in the next days. If I were you, I would definitely get my yearly membership in this month as it´s the cheapest right now and would be definitely the most economical solution here as I will be adding hundreds of fantastic videos very very soon here!! Exclusively for you. Don´t miss the real excitement.

Hey Guys and Gals! 

I´m here, as usual, just to let you know: and uploading new and exclusive videos and more is on the way! 

In the next hours there will be new videos and exclusive great pics here again, added.. Right now there is 70 Videos and 569 Pics but this number will go UP AND UP as usual!

Heyo :) I don´t know if it´s a suggested or a proper way to be in contact but anyway.. if you read this, then it "is".. 

It´s been 2 weeks since I joined MV and for now there is 61 Videos and 5 Store Items, 366 Pics and 2 Crush Videos there, here.. 

I´m working on all really intensive and hard to process my raw materials and convert them into clips we can all enjoy. 

So, just wanted to say hi and if you´re a follower, thanks for the follow, you´re GREAT.

Hey Guys / Gals! What´s up? Just wanted to leave the first message here :) 6 Days ago I joined MV and for now there is 32 videos, 1 store item, 28 pics from me here.. my producer rank is 183 (as of today 29 June) (monthly rank 165), MV Score 910, I got my badge, "New Cummer" :).. and nothing much yet.. Still, started to build my "persona" here, with you.. I appreciate it much. Also this MV thing.. BOOM and BANG, seems like a ROCKER. I guess we get along nice.

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Upskirts, 3-5-More Girls Ass Shaking, Camel Toes, Pussy Lips, Short Shorts, Twerk, Pussy Oops, Public, Outdoors, Twerking with and without panties, Special Lingerie, No Panties, G-String, Upskirts & Round Asses, Bare Asses, Camel Toes, Handjobs, Lace Tangas, Pearl Thongs, Tshirt and Panties, more!

I love the feminine form, the female aesthetic.

I believe in beauty, being kind and celebrating life.. and my work is EPIC!

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