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Natali Fiction

“Sex is part of nature. I go along with nature” - Marilyn Monroe

Joined September 2018
nygayboy Jan 10

@Lilbthebasedgod lil b based god loves !

Pucsi01 Jan 10

Hey there, awesome content ;-) Can we see more videos where he cum in your panties and you pull up then, thats sooo sexy n hot :)

Yes, we will surely record more videos of this type ;) Thanks for your comment :x

gg610gg Jan 3

Hi. Please pm about customs.

Hey, you are so beautiful! love your videos!!

Hey sexy how can I get to be your crush

Hi honey, as you want ;)


Please send me a private message here, as I would like to ask you some questions about your videos before purchasing.

godsuperman deleted Oct 12

This incredible woman here is just...freakin awesome 😍😍🤘

Thanks sweetie :x

Hey! You're doing customs now, right? Can you send me a message about them? I'd love to commission one!

Ok, I write to you and we talk ;)

eljavon Sep 30

really great stuff! have great idea 4 custom vid when u r ready-keep on making your great porn!

Thank you very much. Although we do not make custom videos yet. You can send us your suggestions, we always like to have good feedback.

zemisus Sep 29

Hi, i would love to see more red lipstick cum swalloing videos and some cum play with gargling and an open mouth swallow if possible :D

Great, we wrote the suggestion. Surely we do some more. Kisses, Nat :x:x:x

Hi Nat and Vin,
I have a twitter profile where I promote spanking movies with thongs in - and you have some movies I would love to promote. But can't find you on twitter, are you not on twitter?

Kind regards

Hi Thong. Sorry, we do not have twitter. Maybe later. Thank you anyway.

Do custom? if yes PM please

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Hi, we are Nat and Vin. We are perverted, we are in love! and we love to record porn...

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