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Just a regular guy who like sports, drinking, and anything I find interesting.

I'm exploring my fetishes and new aspects of sex. I want to be apart of the industry to teach people about how sex shouldn't be taboo and that all sex workers are genuine people and deserve to be respected.

My social media links for Twitter, Instagram & FetLife is @kingfreak840


Blue Collar






Black / Ebony


American United States

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6'0" or 183 cm

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Destiny Diaz is a Bawse B**ch!!! I admire her hard work ethic, attention to detail in her brand etc. Amongst her many talents, making her supporters have many orgasms is one we all appreciate, thank you Destiny

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Absolutely epic video. All I want to do is worship that ass and be smothered by it. On my face, use my tongue to taste Sochy

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The Birthday Queen has blessed her loyal and grateful legion with a birthday Anal video. As always superb video quality, Queen Taylor's beautiful voice, alluring eyes & pure passion & pleasure as only she can.

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Kristi looks phenomenal in her lingere. This MaxxManiac loves the fact that Kristi doled out 200 spanks total that left those cheeks a wonderful shade of red. Amazing video Kristi :)

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Succubus Jalisa is the perfect combination of evil, Lust & fantasy combined in this video. By far one of the best Pornoween videos she's ever produced.

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Poison Ivy never looked so good. As always Jalisa makes top notch quality content. Thankfully this movie scene is focused on her ample breasts, she knows how powerless I am, she knows my weakness.

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There's nothing more that I enjoy than having my Princess tell me how she likes for me to stroke for her pleasure. I might have to watch this again before work tonight.

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Princess looks so good in her outfit. I like how she enjoys her lollipop.

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Nothing is better than a POV view of Jalisa dressed in sensual outfit where the focus is on her bountiful breasts and having oil applied to them. Another great video Jalisa.

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What more could a man who loves bbw's & very large breasts to be watching three lovely ladies having fun in a pool. Plus this is Kaleena's first threesome so it makes it even more special.

Sloppy Blow Job Jun 22 2017
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I loved your enthusiasm in this video. You performed very well.

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Video #2 of Princess Birthday videos. She did tell us it would get messy, so she pulled out the pool and covered herself in oil. I can only imagine applying the oil on her, how good it would feel & how wonderful it would be for us both.

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It's my Princess Birthday. What better way to celebrate than to have her smash a cake all over her.

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The up close POV style of this video is amazing. Jalisa knocks it out the park with her talented mouth. 5 stars aren't enough to give this video its proper score.

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Jalisa thank you for making this video. You cosplaying as Bunny Bulma is incredible.

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Sarah spreading butter over her ample breasts and bottom

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Sarah's sultry voice, black lingere and how passionately she uses her toy to pleasure herself is what makes this video amazing.

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Imagine my excitement for this second installment of Josie trying on her bras. I liked how well her lime green bra has the perfect bounce for her clevage, the purple one's design will work well as a swimsuit pattern & the last bra held her in nicely. It was difficult to write this review while aroused :)

Thank you so much for the kind review! I'm glad it got your blood pumping. Hehe 😉😋

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Kaleena's wonderful and heavy breasts are on full display in this video. In glorious slow motion. I am in wanderlust over how they sway and bounce. I look forward to watching this scene again

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Having Kaleena instruct new in how she would like for me to stroke for her is magical. I love her voice, her gorgeous eyes and how strong her orgasm was made me enjoy the video even more.

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Perfect video to getting to know this wonderful and delightful woman that is Kaleena Skye. She's awesome and super cute

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Miss Ling Ling is 3D, what more can i say. She is so lovely and in 3D :) xoxo

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I love watching Kaleena deep throat that dildo, how messy it gets. I simply cannot get enough of this beautiful woman.

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I loved watching Kaleena dance, I was like oh snap get it girl. Loved her nipped piercings and the up close dildo sucking

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Excellent video from Harmony. Since I'm up early and in need of release this will be the video I'll be watching right about now.

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An EPIC gangbang that happened at AVN. I watched a bit of the BTS via a performer premium snapchat. Now I'll be able to view this in full length.

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Excellent POV video of Kiki's big bottom, all I can think about is having my face buried between her cheeks.