Brooklyn Kate

Brooklyn Kate

Brooklyn Kate


Louisiana Joined November 2014
JohnH94 Apr 25

Would you message me plz

are you back making videos? i would love another custom from you

ray2120 Apr 23

Hey are u still active on here

Long time gorgeous! If you and this new guy friend would be interested in doing a custom, give me a shout 😘

Would love a custom PM me if interested :)

Hey! I was hoping to buy some panties. Still active ?

Hey can you message me I'm interested in a custom video 🙂

Could you message me about a custom? Thanks!

Kofi1978 Feb 19

I'm interested in a custom vid could you message to discuss?

Hi. Would love to discuss a custom vid. Could u message me pls

1bigperv Nov 26

You have really ugly tattoos. You should have them removed.

ray2120 Nov 7

hey do u still make videos

Msg me so we can plan a custom.

Message me asap please hurry up

Axxo911 Oct 8

Hey i'm still wanting to purchase a custom video, DM me if you are interested!

hey, i'm interested in a custom

laouli deleted Jul 17 2017

Hi miss
I'm interested for a custom
Can you send me an msg to talk about it?

have a good day

Axxo911 Jul 16 2017

Just checking in, haven't heard from you in a while...

joe4favre8 Jul 11 2017

Glad to see new content beautiful! If you're still doing bg customs let me know!

justyoungfeet deleted Jul 9 2017

Great vid ideas :D

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Hi! My name is Brooklyn, Everyone calls me Kate!




1996-11-14 (21)

Lives in